Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA CHEATING SPARROW 3 – 15 mins

Once again, the lovely Sparrow is up to no good… this time sneaking into the mat room to spike KERI SPECTRUM’S WATER before their match starts!   Needless to say, Keri’s skill and experience lead to a very early lead as she dominates the tiny Sparrow… and it’s during this sleeper that Keri feels the effects of the drugs… and she eventually passes out moments after putting Sparrow to sleep!  Sparrow slowly comes to and laughs as she uses her newfound advantage to destroy the taller and more powerful Keri.

As you guys know I love Sparrow as the awesome tiny little jobber she is, but I also love to see the lovely Keri lose too. So, this is just another one of those win/win vids for me. I get to see Sparrow sell some great KOs, with great eye crossing and tongue protrusion, none of her famous twitching though, as this one was shot before we got to see just how over the top her twitching can be. Then the drugs kick in and Keri becomes the half conscious jobber, which is just as great, as Keri shows off her veteran selling skills that made us all love her in the first place. One thing that I often forget, because she rarely gets the chance to do it, is how good of a trash talker Sparrow is. She doesn’t always come through very clearly, but what I can make out is actually very good talk and her evil little smile works great as a heel. The action is pretty much all scissors and a few sleepers, but plenty of KOs and great selling by both girls. As I said this is a total win/win for me as a love both Keri and Sparrow on the losing side, also the drugged drink idea is still great and seeing Sparrow as the heel is a rare treat.

Overall Score: 9.5/10