Review of Sleeperkid’s World A CHEATING SPARROW 2 – 14 Mins

SparrowAnother day…another drugged drink courtesy of Sparrow, who decides to challenge 6’4 TAKAIJI in an “UNDER THE INFLUENCE” style match!   This time it’s Sparrow who spikes her own drink with a drug designed to counter-act the sedatives she and Takaiji are scheduled to ingest.  We watch as both ladies drink their spiked bottles and cut to minutes later when they try desperately to escape their dazed state for the match.  Needless to say, Takaiji dominates Sparrow…until Sparrow’s power slowly returns!!!  A shocked Takaiji can only take punishment as Sparrow uses her new advantage to humiliate and defeat the giantess!

These two sided, win/win videos seem to be popping up all over as here is another one. Although this win/win, like the Addie and Dakota highlights video is lopsided because, as you might guess, I think there’s nothing better than watching Sparrow play the jobber role. Add the fact that we get a few limp piledrivers, an awesome Window’s Peak and of course some twitching, the first half of this video really steals the show in my opinion. The other half is also a win though because Takaiji is one of the few bigger girls that I enjoy to see play the jobber role. It’s basically just her and Baunfire. And Takaiji really did a great job selling the whole exhausted and dazed thing, nice eyerolling and a little drooling too. It does look pretty odd to see tiny Sparrow in total control of Takaiji, but the moves Sparrow used made it work. As much as I love to see Sparrow play the jobber, she does make quite the entertaining heel. Her amazingly cute smugness and pretty great trash talk is really awesome. So as much as I start this video for Sparrow being the jobber, I end up sticking around because the second half ends up being quite a show.

Overall score: 9.5/10