Review of A Boyfriend Issue

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms A Boyfriend Issue – 16 mins

Sometimes you don’t really need much of a storyline when it comes to a good girl fight. This one is simple. Becca confronts Renee outside the ring because she found her boyfriend watching Renee’s videos. She challenges Renee and attacks her before she can enter the ring. The match is a series of knockouts administered by Becca including head smashes into the turnbuckle, a corner foot choke, a crippler crossface, a cobra clutch, a camel clutch, a reverse figure four head scissors, a choke out with Renee’s own hair, and a top rope sleeper hold. After each knockout Becca roughly wakes Renee up with belly punches and hair pulling. In the end, Becca takes her victory pose but is informed that due to her sneak attack outside the ring she’s been disqualified. An enraged Becca roughly wakes Renee up, puts her in a painful torture rack, and gets one final knockout! Poor Renee!

No real storyline need, is right. When it comes to squashing Renee, or Becca for that matter, who need a detailed storyline, just let whoever, Becca in this case, beat the daylight of or Renee. I’ve said it, I think from the day I first saw her, Renee just has that jobber girl look about her and she has grown very well into that role. This I feel is another step up for Renee. This time she does a really great job showing off her great eye rolling abilities. With KOs a plenty in this video we get a good handful of nice eye rolling and it’s just a great beat down. When Becca gets in a bad mood, I’d hate to be the one in her way. Renee happily accepts Becca’s challenge, but regrets that decision before even making in to the ring. Renee gets absolutely no offence in as she’s crushed by Becca. I like the touch added to the end telling Becca she’s been DQ’d, she was already mad and they you tell her that, HA! What did you think would happen? Anyway, great vid, great beat down, more improvement from Renee, she’s really getting great now and of course Becca, there’s no role she can’t do.

Overall Score: 9/10