Review of 5000 MISTAKES

Review of Sleeperkid’s World5000 MISTAKES – 22 mins

Folks are you in for a treat with this one!!! Not only do we have the incredible MERICA STRONG taking on the beautiful SUMIKO but it is taking place in SKW’s new PRO RING!!!  The moody shadows give this brutal match an awesome film noir (or shall we call it “ring noir”?) style that perfectly complements the action! As we start the action Merica is in her corner relating to us that she has offered a $5000 challenge to any wrestler who can last ten minutes with her.  Not only is Sumiko up for that challenge but she seems very confident she’s going to pick up the win along with that money!  As the match up begins it looks like Sumiko might very well be correct as she uses her speed and agility to frustrate Merica, even baiting the powerhouse into a charge that sends Merica flying out of the ring!  Sumiko makes the most of her advantage, snap maring her opponent back into the ring and she keeps Merica grounded with brutal stomps and kicks before wisely opting for a sleeper to sap the strength from the muscular grappler and put her down and out! However, a bit of teasing and taunting instead of going for the pin ultimately backfires and before long, (in no small part thanks to a head smash into the metal ring post!!!), Merica is in control and once she has Sumiko hurt she is like a shark with blood in the water!  Merica proceeds to brutalize Sumiko with too many submissions and knockouts to count, often leaving our lovely brunette out cold on the mat! After toying with her prey for far longer than needed to win the match, this powerful predator makes use of a Cobra Clutch to put Sumi out for an easy ten count pin.  But if you think that’s the end of Sumiko’s torment, you must be new to the site….. Your Winner: MERICA STRONG!!!

This video is great for many reasons, the best of all, is it’s another Sumiko squash. Although not initially a squash, as Sumiko does have control for the first few minutes, it definitely ends as a squash, as Merica gets swift and brutal payback for the annoyance Sumiko was in the early moments of the video. And of course Sumiko sells it all like the veteran jobber she is. I’ll never get tired of seeing Sumiko perform for us and having a new powerhouse like Merica, breaths new and even more life into Sumiko’s performances. Next great thing is the ring, although not as well-lit as the SKW mat room, you can still see everything you want to and the low lighting does set the mood a little bit. Nothing like a romantic beatdown, am I right? I love the portions of this match that take advantage of being in a ring, like Merica flying through the ropes, Sumiko’s skull being introduced to the steel post, all the corner work and of course, leaving Sumiko twitching, drooling and defeated body hanging in the corner. Last, but definitely not least greatest thing about this one is Merica Strong. Never really thought I would be relating someone to the power of Tiny, much less a female, but Merica is just that impressive. In only her second appearance in SKW she has already created quite a stir and has been seemingly trying to bring a new definition to the term “powerhouse”. I personally have been loving what she’s been doing and for me, she is filling the gap between Sapphire, Takaiji and Tiny, that I didn’t even know existed, but she fits right in between there very well. I certainly look forward to seeing who unfortunately crosses her path next, but for now this is a video that will be getting a lot of replays until that happens.

Overall Score: 9.9/10