Review of 5 Ways To Knock Out 3 girls

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Review of Fetish Cuties5 Ways To Knock Out 3 girls – 14 Mins

3 girlsThree cute girls come to a school party. They meet one of their former classmates there. He looks pretty innocent… but a little bit strange because sometimes he freezes and it looks like he becomes blind and deaf for some period of time. It happens 4 times while they chat near the entrance. First it’s funny but then it becomes quite boring. So they decide to come upstairs and entertain themselves until others arrive. But they would never do that if they knew what the awful fantasies this guy has in his mind. He invents a perfect way to knock out all the three girls and kidnap them. First he dreams about sleeper holds. He catches his victims from behind and keeps their necks tightly with his hand until they are fainted, then he quickly runs his hands over their legs and pussy through the nylons and white panties. And finally carry them away in a safe place in the house. But the girls interrupt his fantasy. And in a while he has another dream. He uses a soporific spray in order to KO his victims. So he can see how the girls become asleep, the very moment as their eyes are rolling up and the limp bodies fall just in his hands… And again his dream is interrupted by one of the girls. “So what are you, Peter?!.”. “I’m a psychologist” he answers. “And what is your hobby?” This question makes him dive in his insidious fantasy again. “My hobby is KNOCKOUTS.” “What do you mean?” – Her eyes are opened widely. “I mean this!” – Quick neck chop and the limp body falls on the sofa… Now he can caress her nylon feet and pussy… but the other girls come back and he sends them both to the Kingdom of Morpheus one by one. Now he has three cute gutless bodies. It seems his dream comes true… But no, again loud laughter returns him to the reality. They go upstairs, laughing at his weirdness. Though, that’s not the end. He has another idea how to knock them out and kidnap. Chloroform is almost perfect weapon. Fast and inescapable dispatch to the Land of Nod. And their eyes… rolling up right before their limbs and bodies become soft and relaxed… Now he can carry them to the large sofa and place them in one heap. Incredible view! But… No, he can’t risk so much. He has to invent another way to put them to sleep. Then he will be able to carry them away in a safe place where ALL his fantasies will be implemented. So what is the perfect way?

Another one of these cool, crazy, daydream, turned reality videos from Fetish Cuties. The last one I reviewed (1 Way To Knock Out 4 Girls 4 Times) was inspired by this one. This time we have more ways to KO the girls and there’s only 3 girls this time (Kira, Liza & Tessa), but the overall idea it is the same. We keep jumping in and out of his daydreams and he plots the best way to KO and kidnap the girls. I really love how fun and lighthearted this vid is. The way he sneaks on the girl, or lures them in to knock them out, is mostly done in a funny way. Once they’re out we get some quick limp play action and carry before moving on to the next scene. This vid jam packed with quick, easy and fun KOs. The girls all look outstanding, all in sexy dresses, pantyhose and heels. They all sell well, but the KOs are quick, so not too much time for reactions and they acting is perfect. In the end the girls are really KO and carried away. I think this vid is really well done and a lot of fun to watch. I always enjoy these vids with a lot of KOs with a little added silliness.

Overall Score: 9/10