Review of 4 More Rounds of Domination

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Review of Constance’s Crazy Cinemas4 More Rounds of Domination – 15 mins

1st round end: Misty is punched and KOed hanging on the ropes and has her top taken off then taken down for a pin 2nd round end: Misty is lifted leg spread in the corner, cuntbusted until KOed, then taken down and dragged to the center for a pin 3rd round end: Constance sits on Misty and punches her in the face until KO/twitching 4rd round: again it’s impossible to wake up, limp/twitching round (this time with more stretch holds, unlike the previous part where it was more punching), pin at the end and a victory pose by lifting Misty by the hair to a sitting position.

Another video with Constance beating the daylights out of Misty, yes please. I know these matches are almost the same every time, but that’s because if it isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it and watching as Constance beats Misty around the ring until she’s a twitchy ragdoll is excellent and that is why you’ll find me here talking about how much I love it every time it happens, which I hope it continues to happen again and again and again. I am totally in love with Misty ending up out cold and twitching. Now, I do have to say, so of the moves here are executed poorly, the most egregious for me has to be these leg hook pins. I don’t know if Constance was asked to do them that way, or what, but she sits off to the side of Misty, awkwardly grabs a leg and counts the pin, never actually being on top of Misty at all. Looks more like she’s trying to examine Misty’s leg, than pin her. I’m not trying to be super critical, as Constance and Misty aren’t wrestlers, but I do expect better than that.  Overall, I do love this vid, as Misty is such a lovely jobber, the twitchy ragdoll stuff is obviously the highlight for me and although a bitch about how some of the moves looks, it was still good enough to enjoy. So I look forward to the next time Constance leaves Misty laid out in the ring like this.

Overall Score: 9.5/10