Review of 2 vs 1 and you still can’t beat me!

Review of Defeated2 vs 1 and you still can’t beat me! – 12 mins

Meryl is telling us how she has beaten both Lilith and Thea recently and she wonders who will try to take her on next. Lilith then enters and Meryl is quick to laugh in her face, telling that she never learns and need to give up trying the beat her. Lilith doesn’t say anything, as she walks around Meryl with a cocky grin on her face. Meryl is ready to take Lilith down again and squares up, putting her fists up, asking if Lilith is ready. Lilith puts her hands up too, as if she ready to go. Just before Meryl can attack, however, Thea runs in and grabs a hold of Meryl. Apparently, Lilith and Thea have joined forces to take down Meryl. Unfortunately, Meryl isn’t going down that easy, as she struggles with Thea on her back, she used her feet to keep Lilith at bay, kicking Lilith in the gut, knocking her down and again in the face, dazing Lilith. Thea holds on tight trying to bring Meryl down and give Lilith a chance, but there isn’t much else she can do. Lilith tries to attack again and gets a kick or two in before Meryl kicks her in the head again, this time knocking her out cold. Meryl can now focus on Thea and with a few quick elbows, she’s free from Thea’s grasp. A sleeper puts Thea out with ease. Now, Meryl goes back to Lilith, kicking her awake. She points out that Thea is KO’d too and starts to put the hurting on Lilith, kicking her around the room, mocking her, letting her crawl around the mats, but finally has enough of that and KOs Lilith with a sleeper as well. Meryl moves Thea around a bit, to see if she’s got any life left, but she’s out cold, so Meryl puts the two limp bodies in a pile and poses with them. She brags about how good she is and how weak that are before heading out with one last quote, “Bye-Bye losers!” Maybe now Thea and Lilith realize that Meryl is just too tough for them.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this time we have a handicapped match that doesn’t go the way you would assume. Most of time when two attacks people someone who isn’t like a monster heel or something like that, the group wins, but that is not the case this time. Lilith and Thea lay out a great plan to attack Meryl, but Meryl manages to use her feet to keep Lilith away, eventually kicking her in the head and knocking her out. The whole time this is going one Thea is pretty much just along for the ride as her sleeper hold does nothing to Meryl and I mean nothing. After at least a minute, maybe two minutes in the sleeper hold, Meryl isn’t even a bit worn out. She KOs Lilith and breaks right out of hold and KOs Thea. After that Thea is done for the rest of the video. Lilith gets a little more beating, but nothing too crazy. I would have loved to seen some more beatdown on both girls and maybe even having Meryl get in a little trouble along the way. I do think that was a fun video and something new and different. I would like the to see more like this, maybe not this exact thing, but it’s cool to see thing not got quite as you would expect.

Overall Score: 8.5/10