Review of 2 on 1 Batgirl Beatdown

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Review of Cali Logan’s Power and Peril2 on 1 Batgirl Beatdown – 21 mins

Batgirl faces off with a menace to society known as Hannah Perez. Just when she think she has the situation under control, Hannah’s sidekick Cadence Lux waltzes in and delivers a punishment unlike anything Batgirl has ever seen! She is completely over powered by the duo of evil. Stretched, punched, stripped and overall humiliated! The bad girls are having so much fun with their little victim and decide that they should keep her for more torment later. Barely able to keep her eyes open, the weakened superheroine is dragged away, never to be seen again.

Got some more stuff from Cali Logan with this brutal and humiliating superheroine beat down clip and she’s got and amazing cast of evil doers, Cadence Lux and Hannah Perez, to beat her down. This starts out really great with Batgirl completely over powering Hannah and there’s literally nothing Hannah can do to beat Batgirl. Hannah looks so great in her black leather outfit and heels. This beat down on Hannah lasts a few good minutes, but just when Batgirl is ready to take Hannah down, Cadence shows up looking like as sexy wrestling referee in her black and white corset, but looks stunning as well. She helps turn the tide, saving Hannah. Batgirl almost takes down Cadence, but Hannah recovers before she gets too far along and the numbers game is just too much for Batgirl. From here on out the two baddies punch, kick, choke, low blow and even use a few wrestling holds to beatdown, bloody, bruise, strip down and humiliate the heroine. The camera stays a little far away for most of the beat down, but you can still see just how great Cali sells this beating. I really wish this vids had a KO or two, even though she came close a few times and was damn near out at the end, but a few full KOs would have been a great addition and I wish the camera got a little closer more often, to easily see Cali’s face while selling this one. Other than that, this is a great and brutal beatdown, with some really great ladies in super sexy outfits.

Overall Score: 9/10