Review of 12 Hours Later

Review of Defeated12 Hours Later – 19.5 mins

Amirah and Tiffany are working out together, when Amirah comes up with an idea. She tells Tiffany they should work on their body contact and have a 12-hour match. Tiffany is a bit shocked by the idea, but since Amirah thinks it’s a good idea, she agrees to the match. Now, of course we couldn’t give you guys all 12 hours of this match up, so instead we decided to give you the high spots, or best part of each hour of the girl’s battle. The first few hours, Amirah and Tiffany take turns dominating, but after just a few hours the girls become exhausted and struggle to keep the fight going. The KOs start to take their toll as they’re eyes roll back and their tongues hang out. Sometimes there’s nothing to highlight, except Tiffany and Amirah laying out on the mats, too exhausted to continue. However they do make it through the 12 hour training session, barely. Tiffany gets the last move in, but we wouldn’t call her the winner, as they both end this one sleeping on the mats.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this time we have a really sweet exhaustion video with Tiffany and Amirah. This isn’t one of those long drawn out exhaustion videos, although that would have been really great to see with these two ladies. This one is done in more of a highlights style, with just short and to the point clips. I also like how this shows the journey of their exhaustion battle, starting in the early hours with both ladies just getting exhausted, then with a few rounds where they were just out cold for that entire hour, I’m assuming, and then to the end, where they were so exhausted they could barely stay conscious long enough to put the other girl to sleep. There’s plenty of KOs along the way, not counting those rounds where they were out cold the whole time. Some super sexy body piles. There were some OTT reactions, with a little tongue protrusion here and there and some eye rolling too. Plenty of sexy shots and close ups and I love the rosy cheeks that Defeated does for their exhaustion matches. Overall, I can definitely get used to this version of exhaustion videos. I may prefer the longer versions better, but this gets the point across in a much more manageable package.

Overall Score: 9.5/10