Review of 1 Way To Knock Out 4 Girls 4 Times

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Review of Fetish Cuties 1 Way To Knock Out 4 Girls 4 Times – 23 Mins

4 Girls4 cute amateur models came for a photo session. They are told that photos will be used to promote a new pantyhose brand and that this job will make them really famous. These sweet girls believe that they will “begin a new life” and they are so excited and naive. It’s pleasure to look at their faces and … imagine how their smiles are slipping from their faces, their big eyes are starting to roll up and… Or how they’re twittering about some their girlish stuff and suddenly one girl’s speech is becoming slower as well as her movements, they are becoming dizzy and falling down simultaneously on the … Or how he is standing and looking at their limp bodies lying in a mess, then he is fondling their pantyhosed legs and crotches one by one and then all the ones together at once (if he had two more hand for this purpose)…But stop! it’s time to help them to start new lives. Just, maybe, it won’t be exactly that way they’re thinking it will be.

Nice multi girl vid here. It’s not often that we get all four girls (Kira, Tessa, Liza & Tia) together in one vid and this vid definitely tries to make the most out of having them all in at the same time. This vid jumps in and out of the photographer’s fantasies a lot, which makes it hard to keep track of what’s really happening, which turns out to be done on purpose, just to set up the ending. The photographer keeps dreaming about filling the room the KO gas, each time the girls react differently, they go from not having a clue and just passing out, to complete panic, running around and screaming till they pass out on the floor. After each imaginary KO, the photography comes back to inspect the bodies, feeling up their legs and crotches. We get some POV of these parts, for nice close ups. Then he is jolted from his dream by the girls yelling at him. The girls also change outfits for each KO, each set of outfits better than the last, until they remove their sexy dresses altogether and they all sport bra, panties and pantyhose. That’s when the real sleepy gas enters the room and the girls pass out on top of each other. The photographer comes in and carries them out one by one, piling them on a bed in the other room. Finally he reveals he true plans for their “new lives” as he calls his buddy and tells him he as some girls for sale. This vid has a great mix of action, a little silliness, lots of limp play, a nice overall storyline and body piles. It’s great to see a vid with all four girls and I love the reveal of the photographer’s evil plan at the end. Just more great stuff from Fetish Cuties.

Overall Score: 9.5/10