Review Anything Goes: Persephone vs Bella

Review Fem Wresting RoomsAnything Goes: Persephone vs Bella – 11.5 mins

This fun wrestling match starts with a tray and a black jack placed in the corners and available to whoever manages to use them! Bella doesn’t seem interested in the special weapons because she’s confident that she’ll easily knock out tiny Persephone and win the match quickly. Taunting Persephone about how blondes have more fun, Bella puts the girl through a hammer lock, full nelson, knees to the chin, a double arm choke, head scissors, a camel clutch, and all the fun things you’ve come to expect in our Anything Goes series. But when Bella gets too cocky Persephone turns the tables with several low blows, a speed bag facial, and a bop with the black jack that has the Vegas blonde’s eyes crossing and the birdies chirping! A smack from the tray brings the cuckoo sounds and more crossed eyes! Persephone pops Bella in the face with her fist for the final knockout saying “This is a present from a brunette to a blond!” Persephone takes the win and we look forward to more blond vs brunette matches for Persephone. Maybe Becca next?

Another serious win/win Anything Goes match for me here. As you guys may have noticed, I have been enamored with Persephone since the day she debuted at FWR and this vid again has proven that I should be. Persephone has definitely got some serious jobbing talent and I feel safe in saying that we’ve yet to see just how good she can really be, but we’re getting closer. Not only does she look so good in her all pink outfit, but her selling is really good, especially for a rookie. If we get lucky enough for Persephone to stick around for long time, she’ll no doubt be another pillar in the FWR talent pool. But enough about Persephone, let me take some time to mark out to the other awesome woman in this video and another of my long time favorites, Bella Ink. Any chance to see Bella end up on the losing side of a match is an automatic win for me. But because of her mouth and kick ass attitude, she doesn’t have to lose for me to love her. You never know what Bella might do or say and always being so high energy, she’s a lot fun to watch. She does another great job here with some early trash talk and silly KOs in the end. Which of course is why I called this one a win/win, I enjoyed both ladies very much on both sides of this one. But another win/win would be Persephone vs Becca, no matter who wins that, it would be awesome to see!

Overall Score: 9/10