Q & A Videos

A Q&A with Merry Meow

A Q&A with Sumiko

A Q&A with Becca

A Q&A with Anne-Marie

A Q&A with Sparrow Summers

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  1. I watched the whole interview and I enjoyed that. It was very informative and she even answered MY question.

    I’m already hording money for that VS Sapphire video…

  2. Profile photo of stillwell stillwell says:

    Just watched the video. Good stuff. Hoping now for some interviews with Ann Marie, Sumiko, Becca…well, there are a bunch. Keep up the good work.

  3. Profile photo of stillwell stillwell says:

    I just watched the Anne Marie vid. Very good. She seemed a little bit nervous at first but then quickly settled in and did just fine. None of my questions were asked directly but I think you probably reworded some of the questions because the same question was probably sent in by several people so you combined them in to one. And that’s OK. Lots of nice video edits by you too. Anyway, kudos to the worlds greatest jobber for a job well done. Oh, and she thinks she could beat SK in an unscripted match. Me thinks I’ll be putting my money on SK in that one.

    • HAHA, I agree, my money is on SK, but lets keep it scripted, it just more fun and exciting that way! Anne was totally nervous but she did great anyway. Her shyness was really cute and i think it worked really well, letting us see what Anne is like off the mats. Anyway, thanks for the complements and I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Profile photo of Sliver Sliver says:

    I just finished to watch the Q&A with Anne Marie. What can i say? She’s beautiful and every question was very interesting. I regret so much that i haven’t sent any question but i forgot to do it. Damn! However, the Q&A was perfect even without my questions 🙂 It will be for the next time. Great work as always Mr. Mark 😉

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    Hi may I ask do you buy bondage videos as well from paragon?

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    Oh ok, are u able to buy? because they dun accept paypal and kinda need the video

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    I know they dun accept for this site. But how do u get paragaon videos previously?

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