Review of Playing With Assassin’s Heart

Review of Fetish CutiesPlaying With Assassin’s Heart – 19 Mins

The assassin walks in on Kira who is pretending to be asleep. However, when the assassin grabs her pillow to smother her, Kira surprises the assassin by grabbing her neck. The assassin tries pulling her hand off, but the startle appears to have been too much for her and she can be seen clutching her chest with one hand while falling back. When she falls back on the floor, Kira can see her taking deep panicked breaths, patting on her own chest. However, Kira realizes that she is weak and takes advantage of the situation; she straddles the assassin and holds her weakened hands to the side, listening to her struggling heart with a smile until the assassin is gone. She then pulls her out toward the middle of the room and has a little fun with her new toy, removing her top and kissing her, running her fingers across the assassin’s chest and belly, and then undressing herself completely. Kira wants more still, so she gives the assassin deep and strong chest compressions for a few minutes, checking for a pulse now and then. When the groggy assassin’s heart starts beating again, Kira starts exploring her body, kissing and licking down her chest, over her breasts, and down her belly which elicits soft moaning from the assassin, then stopping at her lower belly where she plants slow sensual licks and makes the assassin arch her back and breathe heavily. Kira realizes that she’s too dangerous in such an awakened state and grabs her pillow to smother her. The assassin struggles for a moment, but is quickly subdued and Kira starts CPR again, this time when she slowly wakes up, she starts to moan sensually, Curious about it, Kira slows the compression down to see her sleeping beauty huffing out sensual moans from having her chest pumped. She regains a normal pace and keeps going until her would-be assassin starts regaining consciousness. At that point she just leans her weight against the assassin’s chest to stop her still weakened heart. The assassin grabs her arms for a second, and then stops resisting. Kira finds the control amazing and continues. A good while of pumping her to near bliss and consciousness and then stopping her heart by pressing over it a couple more times. Eventually she’s had her fun and scoots herself up to the assassin’s chest and lies down across her face, getting turned on by the desperate sucking in of her belly until her assassin is yet again still. Now she just lies beside her and rests her head on the assassin’s chest, satisfied for the moment.

Here’s a really different Idea for a limp play vid, this time with Kira in the dominate role, and still she’s perfect, both evil and super cute all at the same time. I really like this in and out of consciousness, or death, whatever you want to call it, it’s really fun. We get lots of weak moaning and struggling from Liza, I love that. Kira has her fun with Liza, playing with her heartbeat and well as exploring her body, kissing a licking her all over, making Liza moan and struggle a little, when she could. The CPR thing is not normally my thing, but it works pretty well for me here, although it took a little while before we saw any mouth to mouth, which I would have been pretty upset if we didn’t see that, but luckily in the second half there was plenty of it. Also the reverse victim thing is great, as Liza brakes in Kira’s house and she ends up naked, sprawled out in the floor, also loved that about this vid. Overall, it’s still just a limp play vid, with a lot of kissing and touching, CPR, some mouth to mouth and another great job by Kira, Liza and the Fetish Cuties group.

Overall Score: 8.5/10