Review of You’ve Gotten Weak!

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsYou’ve Gotten Weak! – 14 mins

We join LeAnn in the dressing room as she discusses how Lilith has returned and she hopes to settle an old score. It’s been over 2 years since they’ve met in the ring and LeAnn hopes to win this time. She’s not disappointed because it’s evident right from the start that Lilith is out of practice and not nearly as strong as she used to be. LeAnn easily escapes a headlock and a full nelson by Lilith then proceeds to knock the brunette out over and over again with a standing head scissors, a bear hug, a stunner, a body scissors/dragon sleeper combo, a figure four head scissors, three corner body splashes, a crippler crossface, and a tight sleeper hold. LeAnn gives us a beautiful schoolgirl pin and victory pose over her unconscious rival before telling Lilith to come back when she’s stronger.

This one is all about domination as LeAnn takes down Lilith with great ease. She puts Lilith in a lot of great looking hold and almost every one of them end with Lilith going to sleep. Knockouts are one of my favorite things in the world and this match is stuffed with them. Lilith does a great job selling too, we don’t have crazy eyerolling or twitching, but we do get nice reactions and Lilith ending up in many different positions. The outfits are also another great thing about this video. Both girls are in tight one-pieces, converse boots and knee pads. Anything with converse boots always get extra points from me and the girls do look really great in those suits. Overall, I love the amount of KOs and KO positions in this, as well as the sexy outfits and good selling. It’s a really well done squash and left me wanting more.

Overall score: 9.5/10