Review of YOUNG vs JADE

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldYOUNG vs JADE – 19 Mins

MONICAWe get an old school “ring intro” opening to this amazing multi-pin battle, with both Monica Jade and Niki Lee Young walking in wearing robes and revealing some killer pro gear before the battle begins…and what a battle it is!!!   The ladies face off, both intent on getting the final pin in this classic pro contest! Here’s the breakdown: ROUND ONE: The ladies circle and lock up, after some chain wrestling Niki sweeps Monica’s leg and traps her in a figure four leglock, followed by some belly punches against the wall, she then goes for a wall splash but Monica rolls out, leading to a brutal face smash! Niki is barely conscious on the mats and Monica goes for a pin but Niki kicks out and traps Monica in a single boston crab, followed by a tight sleeper that finally puts Monica out! Niki goes for the pin and the victory pose for point # 1! ROUND TWO: Niki gets trapped in a sudden arm-wringer, leading to a flip and a brutal arm-pull/lock! Monica follows up with a Texas Cloverleaf, some brutal belly blows, and a sleeper hold that Niki reverses with a dropping chinbreaker! Now in control, Niki Lee drops some belly splashes across Monica’s belly until Monica raises her knees, leading to a blow to Niki’s abs!   Winded, Niki can only lay there, doubled over as Monica makes her way up. She nails a STUNNER on Niki but the blonde doesn’t go out completely…a fact that Monica remedies with a sudden kick to the jaw KO, followed by a pin and victory pose! ROUND THREE: The girls circle and open up with a barrage of forearm smashes that leaves them both knocked senseless.   They stand there, side by side, eyes rolling…only to crash to the mats for a double KO countout! ROUND FOUR: the tie-breaker starts with a test of strength, with Monica cheating via a giant kick to Niki’s groin! Monica traps Niki in a triangle choke, putting the blonde out. She goes for a Spanish Press pin but Niki kicks out!   Monica tries to end it with a piledriver but Niki uses the back of her head to deliver a strike to Monica’s crotch!   Monica drops and Niki picks her up, delivering a successful KO via piledriver! Exhausted, Niki goes for the pin but Monica barely kicks out!   Angry, Niki stands Monica up and drops her with a final TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!   Niki goes for the cover…but Monica STILL manages to kick out!   Desperate, Niki unleashes her finisher…the “FOREVER YOUNG” (aka: a Fisherman’s Stunner). She nails it and Monica drops like a rock!   We see Monica’s eyes roll as she tries for a witty retort, only to drop to the mats out cold for Niki’s final Spanish Press pin…and victory pose!

Another great, back and forth pro style battle here, with visitors Monica Jade and Niki Lee Young. Two amazing girls that put on a great show for us. First thing first, the pro style outfits are a definite win, as both girls look outstanding in their one piece, boots and kneepads combo. Just like the other pro battle this update, this one also goes the way I hoped it would, with Monica bring on the losing end for the majority of the battle. Monica is an awesome jobber and she really sells it with those big gorgeous eyes of hers. Niki is a great jobber too, so I was happy she got some good time to show off her selling skills in this as well. The ending of this totally steals the show. Monica somehow manages to kick out of two piledrivers, forcing Niki to pull out her own finisher, the “Forever Young.”  Which after crashing to the mats, makes Monica admit her defeat before passing out, a very great little touch. I was expecting a sudden turn around, there at the end. It was a nice surprise that it didn’t happen and Niki was able to close it out, because most of time we would get a surprise comeback in a situation like that. Overall, an awesome prostyle battle and great selling from both of these beautiful girls.

Overall score: 9/10