Review of X Club Wrestling’s "SEASON’S BEATINGS!"

Review of Combat FetishX Club Wrestling’s “SEASON’S BEATINGS!” – 57 Mins

HHPROIn recent weeks it has been made clear that The Dominator and “Ice Cold” Charlotte Stokely don’t like each other; in fact in their last encounter, The Dominator ended up stripping Ice Cold and ravishing her with a strapon in the middle of the ring! Now Ice Cold wants a one-on-one match with The Dominator! But will she be able to overcome the Dominator’s incredible strength? Or will Ice Cold be beaten up, humiliated, and ravished all over again?? We’ve also seen the impressive debut of the Irish Spitfire, Lucky O’Shea, who defeated Andrea Rosu last week, only to be attacked by Rosu after the match! Lucky wants a rematch to PROVE she’s better than the powerful Rosu, but will Lucky prevail, or will Rosu brutalize her yet again?? Angela Sommers, one half of the Ocean Patrol, has been on something of a losing streak since her debut in XCW. In fact, Angela has been completely DESTROYED in every single one of her matches so far! So what will happen when we put Angela in a no disqualification, no referee, “I Quit” match with the most sadistic competitor in XCW history, “Nasty” Annie Gunn?? Does Angela have any shred of a chance of winning? Or will she be demolished and sexually humiliated like always??

I’m going to TRY keep this synopsis pretty brief, because if I go on and on like I normally do, I won’t be able to post this review today. So here we go…

Show opens with Lucky meting up with Angela, they explains some history that they have and Lucky presents Angela with a mask that she used to wear back when they met. Angela refuses to take it, however, due to some promises that are also explained in the vid, but basically the mask gives Angela confidence, hence, making her a better wrestler. Next, Ice cold cuts a kickass promo for her upcoming match. Ice Cold’s match is up first, and the Dominator and her, go back forth, although The Dominator lives up to her name for the most part. Ice Cold is KO’d and ragdolled a bit, but makes sudden comeback. Unfortunately, during the struggle Ela was taken out and was unable to make the count for the upset. Ice Cold goes to help Ela, but The Dominator is back on her feet and it’s all downhill for Ice Cold from her. She KO’d, stripped and sexually ravished for quite a while. Ela finally wakes up and tries to stop the sexual humiliation, but has to disqualify The Dominator for not listen to her demands. That DQ gets The Dominator’s attention and she shoves Ela’s face into Ice Cold’s bare, KO’d rear end, knocking her out again. The Dominator laughs at what she’s done and leaves Ice Cold and Ela KO’d in the ring. Next match is Lucky’s rematch, after her promo. Lucky enters the ring and is quickly on the attack, catching Andrea off guard. In not time, Andrea is RKO’d and pinned. Lucky points and laughs at the dazed and confused Andrea, knowing she just stole one. Next up is, the main event. Angela is looking confident, but in no time is being dominated and humiliated. She doesn’t stand a chance and is KO’d, humiliated and ragdolled. After quite a long humiliating beatdown, Lucky runs in. She manages to RKO Annie, then checks on Angela, who’s pretty much out cold, but barely manages to say to Lucky, “behind you.” Lucky turns just in time to catch a chair shot right to the face, knocking her out. Andrea gets a chair shot too, putting her back out as well. It’s now Lucky’s turn for a beating, she’s semi-conscious for most of the time and she manages to get away from Annie for a second, tossing the mask to Angela. The beatdown continues for Lucky and after a lot of punches to the head, Lucky is busted open and totally out cold. As Annie continues to punch Lucky in the head, a masked Angela attacks from behind. Annie is pretty quickly made to scream her submission, giving Angela the win. Annie clears out, licking her wounds. Angela picks up her beaten and bloody friend, who is still out cold, holding her close, watching Annie exit the arena.

X Club Wrestling really knows how to makes these special episodes really… special. I am loving that Lucky is getting involved in some more of the story, which should mean we can get used to seeing Lucky in XCW. Which I hope is true. Lucky is the best thing to happen to XCW since, dare I say, GI Jewell. Yeah, I love Lucky that much. Anyway, let’s talk about these matches. But quickly let me just mention that all the promos here, from Lucky talking with Angela, to Lucky’s own promo and Ice Cold’s were all really great to see. They add a little extra story to the matches, which is great, especially if you don’t get to see all the episodes. Ice Cold is really nailing her role as the female Sandman, and I am loving every bit of it. Now, matches, Ice Cold, almost gets destroyed for the entirety of her match. Nice KOs and awesome ragdoll action. I love that Ela was actually too knocked out to give Ice Cold the win, because most of the time she manages to just be conscious enough to get over there and count the pin for the upset. I love that Ela is somehow always in the way or getting KO’d and this time we get plenty of shot of Ela laid out during her multiple KOs. The fun thing is Ice Cold still ends up winning her match thanks to the DQ due to her incredible sexual humiliation, which also ended up in another Ela KO and a very good final shot of Ela and Ice Cold both KO’s in the ring. Next match, Lucky and Andrea. This one was over before you could even get settled in. Not much for content, but the story from this will be great. There’s no doubt in my mind the Andrea isn’t going the let Lucky get away with humiliating her like that. So Lucky better watch out. Last match really earned the title of main event. Now I do wish Ela was there, just for the extra sexiness and KOs she adds to all her matches, but I can imagine that sometimes she’s just unavailable. It’s great to see Angela back, she’s been missing in XCW for a long time and what I miss was her humiliating one sided defeats. We get all that amazing goodness that I’ve missed, with some really nice ragdolling, as Angela is out of it most of the time, but she doesn’t lose this match. I love Lucky running in trying to save the day, but only gets totally destroyed and even busted open, which I love to see from XCW, it only seems to add to the severity of the beatdown when they use it. Last thing is this mask of Angela’s, I wonder it this might be the powerful face of XCW to try and even the odds or what? It’s like Angela is a superheroine now, because without her mask, she’s the weak and beautiful jobber we all love, but with it she can be the power face that XCW needs, so Cadence can finally get the beating I’ve prayed for. So, I am really interested to see what will happen next. Overall, this amazing episode of XCW has lots of things to love, some of the most extreme sexual humiliation ever in XCW, plenty of great beatdowns, KOs, ragdolling and overall sexiness. It’s just another homerun from everyone at XCW.

Overall Score: 9.5/10