Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #44!

Review of Combat FantasiesX Club Wrestling Episode #44! – 31 Mins

HHPROIn past weeks we’ve seen the slow downfall of both Karlie “The Bitch” Montana and “Ice Cold” Charlotte Stokely. Karlie was forced to become Annie Gunn’s sex slave; Charlotte took a savage beating and sexual humiliation at the hands of The Dominator and The Warrior. What will become of our two fan-favorites now?? In a special “behind the scenes” episode of X Club Wrestling, we take a look at Karlie’s plight while she services her new master, “Nasty” Annie Gunn! Tied to a bed with a hitachi strapped to her pussy, and forced to pleasure Annie whenever she wishes it! And what about “Ice Cold?” As it happens the beer-drinking, singapore cane-swinging beauty has been sent into a downward spiral by all of these recent humiliations, and is in NO condition to wrestle tonight! But the brash blonde challenges The Dominator anyway (in an unsanctioned matchup), and very quickly pays the price for it!! The Dominator has beaten Charlotte up before; she has even sexually ravished the stunning little blonde. But never has she so thoroughly DOMINATED Stokely like this! By the end of this “contest,” Charlotte is little more than The Dominator’s panting, whimpering BITCH!!! Total and complete sexual DOMINATION!

This is a great follow up after last episode, XCW right now, is all about the situation Karlie got herself in and the situation that has put Charlotte in, so it really great to get to see what exactly Anne is doing with Karlie. It’s no real surprise that we find Karlie like that, but it was really cool to see. I think when Karlie is set free, she will never be the same. She might end up weak and timid, afraid of everyone, or this might light a fire in her and she goes absolutely psycho, hell bent on revenge. Either way it’s going to be fun to watch. Back in the XCW studios, we get another great promo from Ice Cold, who is drunk as can be and pissed off about what happened to her last episode. Mid speech The Dominator walks in and Charlotte can’t help but confront her. In no time flat, we are being treated to another Ice Cold destruction. Which I couldn’t be happier about, I love watching Ice Cold being destroyed and humiliated. She gets attacked with her own weapon and soon passes out from the pain, but when she passes out she twitches and convulses for a little while before laying still, which was awesome. The Dominator strips Charlotte and humiliates her so bad that Charlotte submits to her says she’s her bitch. The Dominator continues to sexually humiliate Ice Cold until Ice Cold is willing to use the dildo on herself, then she’s instructed to never stop as The Dominator leaves her there F’n herself for who knows how long. It seems that Charlotte may have managed to get herself in a very similar situation to her tag partner Karlie. I don’t know where this is going next for the both of them, but I can’t wait to find out.

Overall Score: 9.5/10