Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #43

Review of Combat FetishX Club Wrestling Episode #43 – 31 Mins

HHPROIn previous weeks we’ve seen Karlie “The Bitch” Montana turned into Annie Gunn’s SEX SLAVE–but does this mean that her tag team partner, Charlotte “Ice Cold” Stokely, is now on her own in their battle against The Dominator and The Warrior?? It looks like that is indeed the case, but that doesn’t faze the brash young Stokely, who agrees to fight BOTH Warrior and Dominator in a no-disqualification, no referee, I QUIT match! Needless to say, Stokely is no match for TWO of the toughest heels in XCW history, and the two bad girls proceed to prove the point by subjecting Stokely to one of the worst and most one-sided beatdowns ever seen in an X Club ring! Stokely is beaten up, rendered helpless, forced to pleasure her opponents, and is generally humiliated from start to finish! Also in recent weeks, we’ve seen the Mean Girls reduce the former two-time XCW champion, GI Jewell, into a beat-up, weak, defenseless punching bag! Yet the Mean Girls don’t appear to be done with Jewell, as tonight they are planning a special “Retirement Party” for the former champion! This can’t possibly end well for GI Jewell!!! Will she take the bait and come to the ring, right into the Mean Girls’ trap??

The main part of this episode, with Ice Cold, is something that I actually didn’t even think about. I’ve been loving the whole Karlie as a sex slave thing so much I didn’t even think about the feud that’s been going on between the four of them and the whole reason why Karlie bet her body in the first place. This is a bad day for Ice Cold and I got to say, I really love Charlotte, she nails the swagger, if you will, and the attitude of her character perfectly, and she gets even better when she had to endure an awful mismatch like this one. It’s a great beatdown, with just the right about of physical punishment and sexual humiliation. This match goes right up there with Lucky’s match versus Andrea in episode 39. The kind of bout that I can watch 100 times and just never get bored of. Then comes the short, but sweet, in many ways, retirement party and of course, GI Jewell bites the bait and comes out to the ring where she’s met with some verbal humiliation, which her I just love how she’s always so clueless, she never saw any of this coming. Jewell attacks Christie which of course Jessica and Cadence stop right away and Jewell is easily beaten, stripped and sexually humiliated. The icing on the cake this time is, after the trio have had their fun with Jewell, they pie face, or well, cake face the totally out cold Jewell with her retirement cake and leave her darri-air’d with her face buried in the cake. Man, I about cried laughing at that, great and unusual, for this genre, form of humiliation. Overall, Ice Cold does a fantastic job, in every way and is the star of the show, but Jewell is a great addition and is just too funny to miss.

Overall Score: 9.5/10