Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #42!

Review of Combat FetishX Club Wrestling Episode #42! – 27 Mins

HHPROLast week we saw Karlie “The Bitch” Montana lose her wager with “Nasty” Annie Gunn, meaning that Karlie is now Annie’s SEX SLAVE! What has the Nasty One been doing to poor Karlie for the past week? And what will she do to Karlie in the match she arranged for tonight?? And yes, somehow the former two-time XCW champion, GI Jewell, is back again, in spite of all the brutal and one-sided and humiliating beatings she’s suffered in recent weeks! And yes, she is once again begging for a title shot! Amazingly, “The American Mean Girl” Christie Stevens agrees to the match, but only if Jewell can defeat Jessica “The Heartbreaker” Ryan first! The last time GI Jewell and Jessica faced each other, Jessica’s vicious heart punch rendered GI Jewell completely helpless. Will tonight be any different? And even if she can get past Jessica, does Jewell stand ANY chance against Stevens, the longest reigning champion in XCW history??

GI Jewell is back, I’m really happy to see her again, but I’ll get to her match with Jessica in a min. I have got to talk about Karlie first. It looks like Annie hasn’t given Karlie very much time to recover after the beating she took last episode, as she is clearly very weak when Annie drags her form the back on a chain leash. Annie complete dominates the near ragdoll Karlie with extreme ease and in total Annie fashion too, not too much actual wrestling, but plenty of sexual domination. With Karlie that out of it, I don’t care what Annie does to her, it is all awesome. Once Annie’s done humiliating Karlie, she drags her back out on that leash. I definitely want to see much more of this before Karlie is finished with her “sentence”. GI Jewell is back and begging for a title shot. Ela tells her that she doesn’t deserve a shot, she been dominated and humiliated in every one of her recent matches. Luckily, Christie walks in and gives Jewell a shot, only if she can beat Jessica, all the while Jessica is showing of some sort of seduction power on Ela, complete distracting her while Jessica and Jewell make a deal. Of course Jewell accepts, again. This match gets out of hand early, as Jewell hurts herself before the official start, faceplanting as she enters the ring. That was hilarious and so fitting for GI Jewell. Jessica does hesitate to take advantage and easily dominates Jewell, again. Ela tries to stop the destruction after a while, but Jessica uses this seduction power again and this time Christie shows up, knocking Ela out and the tag team destroy Jewell some more. Christie suddenly demands that Jessica lose the match so she can have her title match, right now. Much to my surprise, this doesn’t sit well with Jessica, but she does it anyway, pinning herself with Jewell’s limp body. I really like that this upset Jessica, it something that I didn’t see coming and I’m really curious how much she will take before she breaks and turns her back on Christie, maybe even stealing the title. I’m excited to find out. After Jessica takes the fall, Christie hits a crazy amount of her Mean Girl finisher on the already out cold Jewell before taking the easy win and leaving Ela and Jewell sleeping in the ring. Jessica’s clearly not happy about it, but leaves with Christie, for now. These are the kind of XCW episodes that have made me love this production so much. Two totally humiliating squashes, great story, great selling and very very sexy action. Easily worth checking out and as always I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Overall score: 9.5/10