Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #41!

Review of Combat Fetish X Club Wrestling Episode #41! – 37 Mins

xcwOver the past few weeks we’ve seen both Karlie “The Bitch” Montana and Charlotte “Ice Cold” Stokely being dominated by The Warrior and The Dominator! Karlie would love to find a way to help even the playing field, and she might have found it in the one and only “Nasty” Annie Gunn! Karlie agrees to a match with Annie, on the condition that if Karlie wins, Annie will join her and Ice Cold in their war against The Dominator and The Warrior! But Annie has a condition of her own: If Annie wins, then Karlie will have to be her SEX SLAVE for a MONTH! Karlie accepts, and soon finds herself on the receiving end of a savage beating!! Annie, you see, is still stinging from all her recent losses, and is hell bent on NOT losing again! Can Karlie possibly withstand Annie’s brutal and perverted onslaught?? Or will she end up as Annie’s helpless little f*ck toy?

Karlie’s attempt to add to her team with Ice Cold, seems to have only made a new enemy, as she is almost completely dominated from beginning to end. Karlie definitely picked a fight with the wrong person, at the wrong time as Annie was already in a foul mood and Karlie’s arrival only made it worse. Since Annie isn’t really a wrestler, the sexual domination is turned to eleven in the episode. Karlie is quickly stripped of her clothes and taken advantage of, lots kissing, groping and licking. Surprisingly however, no strap on, which is a favorite tool of Annie’s trade. Annie does mix in some kicks punches and a little wrestling during her sexy time with Karlie, but nearly as much as I would have liked to see. I like XCW a better when there’s more fighting then sex, but when it comes to Annie, sex is what she lives for, so that’s what you’re going to get. Karlie looks absolutely flawless and beings a performance to match. She’s the perfect weak little jobber, with a mean attitude and a little fight in her. But none of that had a chance against the pissed off Annie. We get a ton of very sexy shots of Karlie’s amazing body, from every angle and plenty of her half conscious or complete knocked out, laying on the mats Annie wins this match, almost without contest and even though I’d like a little more fighting, I not only found myself loving the domination, I also find myself anxiously waiting to see what awful things Annie is going to do with her new sex slave.


Overall score: 9/10