Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #40

Review of Combat FetishX Club Wrestling Episode #40 – 40 Mins

HHPROAt XCW’s “SEASON’S BEATINGS” we saw Lucky O’Shea attempt to rescue her friend Angela Sommers from the sadist, “Nasty” Annie Gunn, only to end up beaten down, spanked, humiliated, and busted open by the nasty one! Now, Lucky is gunning for Annie Gunn! The two will meet tonight in a no-disqualification, no ref, “I Quit” match! But before the match even gets underway, Annie decides to BRUTALIZE the huge-breasted Lady Amazon after the voluptuous wrestler accidentally interrupts Annie’s promo! Knowing that Lady Amazon’s weakness are her vulnerable big breasts, Annie pounds and pummels Lady Amazon’s boobs until she’s barely able to stand, and then ravishes the beaten amazon with a strapon! Lucky O’Shea comes out for the match, and is horrified to find her friend Lady Amazon being ravished! Lucky dishes out some serious offense to Annie, but eventually Annie’s probing fingers are too much, and Lucky is weakened by Annie’s sexual attack! Annie then proceeds viciously to PUNISH Lucky’s vulnerable pussy and soft belly! Can Lucky possibly make a comeback after such a brutal and one-sided beating?

No need for me to write a synopsis for this one, as Alex pretty much summed in all up already. As far as did Lucky make a comeback? Yup. I’ll get to that in a second. This episode was a pretty simple one, compared to the wild madness we’ve had over the past few episodes, but the action is still great. Lady Amazon was just in the wrong place and the wrong time and Annie easily had her way with her, like always, because she’s super easy to beat up. In the middle of Lucky’s match, she picks herself up and stumbles away without a word. I love the promos for both Lucky and Annie did. Lucky raised a good point, saying that Annie can’t actually wrestle and just sexually abuses people, which is totally true, to my recollection. Every time Annie has a match she normally controls the match with lots of sexually attacks and this match is no different. Lucky out wrestles Annie at first, but soon Annie counters Lucky’s head scissors, planning her face first into the mats and then it’s all low blows and sexual attacks from there. Lots of Lucky rolling on the mats holding her crotch in pain (really liked that by the way). Then Lucky get fully stripped, (waited a while to see that!) and sexually assaulted by Annie, till she was basically a ragdoll. Lucky makes a fantastic ragdoll, definitely hope to see more of that. Finally Annie’s had her fun and goes to finish off Lucky, but out of nowhere, RKO! And Lucky’s back in control, with a submission soon after, Lucky wins. I absolutely love that Lucky keeps pulling off wins like this. Not only do we get to see her beaten up for a while, which is always a great show, but she still wins in end, which is new for XCW, because the good girls almost never win. It seems Lucky maybe that “power face” I was hoping for and Alex is doing better than I could have hoped for. Now, I do miss Ela, I hope to see her real soon and also Ice Cold and Karlie. XCW continues to pump out amazing content and I love having Lucky here now, but I don’t want to miss out on these amazing girls as well. So lets hope they all get to stop by again soon.

Overall Score: 9/10