Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #39

Review of Combat FetishX Club Wrestling Episode #39 – 37 Mins

HHPROLast week we witnessed the impressive debut of the Irish spitfire, Lucky O’Shea, as she appeared to outclass her opponent, Brooke Wylde… until, that is, “Nasty” Annie Gunn showed up and brutalized and humiliated them both! Undeterred, Lucky is back in action tonight, as she faces “The One Woman Wrecking Crew,” Andrea Rosu! Can Lucky overcome Andrea’s evident strength advantage? Or will she be destroyed and humiliated yet again? Last week we also saw GI Jewell lose to “The Heartbreaker,” Jessica Ryan, which means that the XCW Champion, Christie Stevens, can determine what GI Jewell must WEAR in their title match tonight. What will Christie make GI Jewell wear? Can Jewell possibly muster up enough spirit to defeat the champion? Or has her string of humiliations so demoralized her that she will have no choice, but to suffer through yet another humiliating beating?

The episode’s action is right underway after the recap is done, Lucky and Andrea enter the ring and tie up right away. It’s clear that Andrea is much stronger, but Lucky lives up to her nickname, not backing down even the slightest as she runs back in for more. Lucky’s aggression gives her control of the match using some speedy and impressive moves to start, but her fire is quickly put out by the power of Andrea. It’s now Andrea turn to live up to her nickname as she begins wrecking Lucky, first with some brutal head slams in the corner, that really daze Lucky. Then Andrea continues her attack with a mean backbreaker over the top turnbuckle and some tree of woe low blows, followed soon after by a tight head scissors as Andrea sits on the top turnbuckle. Lucky struggles as hard as she can, but cannot escape the massive powerful legs of Andrea and quickly passes out. Ela comes to check on Lucky, but is shoved aside. Lucky is totally unconscious at this point and Andrea couldn’t care less, she picks Lucky up and drills her with a haymaker to her head. Lucky drops like a ton of bricks, still totally out cold. Andrea repeats the process of drilling Lucky with punches to the head a number of times. Lucky is so knocked out, she twitches a little after a few punches, but Andrea doesn’t stop. A few more punches and Lucky somehow starts to stir. Andrea now puts Lucky in a chicken wing. Lucky tries to fight, but with no luck, passes out again. Andrea puts the KO’d Lucky in a body scissors, pulls her hair and fondles her a bit to wake her up. Once Lucky is awake, Andrea applies pressure to her scissors and Lucky almost instantly passes back out. Andrea sits Lucky up for a clothesline and goes for the pin. Ela, who’s been in the background for most of this destruction, sitting in the corner trying to gain her wits, crawls over to count the pin, but Andrea’s not done yet, lifting Lucky from the pin before the count of 3. Standing Lucky up again, Andrea tosses her off the ropes for a big clothesline, but on the rebound Lucky ducks the clothesline and jumps on Andrea’s back. Like a crazed, red headed, spider monkey, Lucky mauls at Andrea’s breasts. Andrea, in a panic, backs Lucky into the corner trying to get the monkey of her back, but it only works for a second as the Irish Spitfire is right back on the attack still clawing at Andrea’s breasts, this time using them as leverage to back her into the corner. In the corner, Lucky exposes Andrea’s breast and delivers a headbutt right between them. Andrea staggers out of the corner from the blow, setting Lucky up for a sudden RKO. Lucky goes for the pin and gets the 3 count. Ela raises Lucky’s arm in victory, when Andrea attack from behind, knocking them both to the mats. Andrea puts Ela in a stand head scissors, to quickly remove her from the situation, then attacks Lucky as she was making her way back to her feet. A few head slams into the turnbuckle has Lucky dazed again. She is then hoisted over the top turnbuckle for some spanking. Andrea first yanks Lucky’s bikini bottoms up while she spanked her, before pull them down, exposing Lucky’s bare ass, for a few more spanks. Lucky in pulled down from the corner, turned around and is placed back in the corner with her legs hooked into the ropes. Andrea delivers several low blows to the fiery redhead’s crotch until she passes out from the pain. Of course Lucky being unconscious doesn’t stop Andrea, as she continues her attacks. Moving Lucky’s limp head out of the way, Andrea pulls Lucky’s tits out and almost bites one of her nipples off. Lucky is so knocked out she doesn’t even react to the bite. Andrea then punches the wounded breast until finally Ela steps in, getting Andrea to stop. Even Ela can’t believe what Andrea has done to Lucky. We’re not done with this episode yet as next Christie Stevens enters the ring for her title match the GI Jewell. After calling Jessica Ryan to the ring, they both watch as GI Jewell come out in a ridiculous, much too small for her, school girl outfit, of course her penalty for losing to Jessica last week. Jewell enters the ring and is met with mocking and laughter from Christie and Jessica. Jewell tries to tough it out, but soon breaks down to tears as the girls laugh even harder now. Ela, unamused by the humiliation, decides to get the match under way. GI Jewell still in tears puts up no fight at all as she’s pushing into ropes and spanked. Jewell is then thrown to the mats for a few stumps on the butt and some more over the knee spanking. A few slaps to the face prep Jewell for a massive Mean Girl drop from the top rope, knocking out Jewell and giving Christie the easy pin. But she not done, as Jessica holds Jewell’s arms from the outside of the ring, Christie exposes and assaults Jewell’s breasts. Despite Ela’s best efforts to get them to stop, the duo switches places and now Jessica delivers heart punches to the former champ until finally Ela gets them to stop.

If you thought last episode was awesome, then you guys are in for a real treat. We again get the amazing and super spunky Lucky O’Shea and this time we get all of her too. So I can’t complain or wonder why Lucky didn’t lose any clothing, because she defiantly did this time. Not only that, but she is ragdolled for most of her match and knocked out several times. Which was unbelievable awesome. The punching scene, with Lucky knocked out, takes up a lot of time in the video and wish Lucky twitched more, but I could watch Andrea pick up a Lucky ragdoll again and again, just to punch her in the head and watch her crash to the mats, all damn day. I loved that chunk of the video and is arguable my favorite part of this one, but that is not the only time we get Lucky Ragdolling. After the stunning RKO gives Lucky the win, Andrea knocks her out again in the corner, all of that segment is absolutely amazing as well and is the other side of the argument for best part of the episode. And Lucky’s outfit is great too, the bikini, boots, fishnets, kneepads, and even the lacey fingerless glove things, I loved all of it, looks so great on Lucky. Andrea make a killer heel too, although she lost, she’s still obviously the dominant one in this match up and she looks it. Andrea is huge, and it’s all muscle too, she is tough, no doubt and perfect for this role. Great to have her in XCW, I’ve always been a fan and hope to see her again soon. As for the other match, if you want to call it that. I clearly wasn’t a fight, but planted some seeds for a great storyline that could literally go anywhere. My mind wonders with the possibilities. Jewell did looks hysterical in that outfit and I was kind of hoping that it would piss her off and she’d try to kill Christie and Jessica, but the opposite happened. She was just too embarrassed to even put up a fight. I’m interested to see what happened next with Jewell, but the Lucky and Andrea match easily overshadows this part. But this match was for the story, which it did well. Lucky’s match is for the action, which it did extremely well. Lucky and Andrea are the reason why you’re going to buy this episode, love it and watch it again and again like I did.

Overall Score: 9.9/10