Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #38

Review of Combat FetishX Club Wrestling Episode #38 – 36.5 Mins

Previously on X Club Wrestling, we saw XCW Champion Christie Stevens easily defend her title against the soft-battered GI Jewell. Now it seems GI Jewell wants another shot! Amazingly, Christie is prepared to give her another shot, but first GI Jewell has to wrestle “The Heartbreaker,” Jessica Ryan! And if GI Jewell loses, then in her title shot against Christie, in the next episode, she will have to wear whatever Christie and Jessica tell her to wear! Can GI Jewell defeat Jessica? Or will she succumb yet again to Jessica’s devastating heart punch? In this amazing episode we also see the debut of the amazing Lucky O’Shea and Brooke Wylde! But what’s this? “Nasty” Annie Gunn is walking to the ring? This can’t be good for our two rookies!

This episode opens with Ela Darling giving us a quick rundown of tonight’s episode, when she is interrupted by GI Jewell, asking for another title shot. Christie walk in next, to accept her challenge, but making Jewell face Jessica Ryan first and if she loses to Jessica, GI Jewell will have to wear whatever Christie wants her to. GI Jewell is quick to accept this challenge and we’ll find out later what happens with that, but first XCW has two new rookies set to do battle, Lucky O’Shea and Brooke Wylde. The match gets under way and both rookies get a fair share of offence, but it’s Lucky who start to get the best of Brooke. Just as Lucky is starting to take total control of the match, “Nasty” Annie Gunn enters the ring area. Ela, wondering why Annie is here, is answered with a tight sleeper hold, putting her out cold. Annie then sets her sights on Lucky. Lucky who is rightfully terrified, is kissed before she’s beaten over the head until she’s out cold. Brooke is Annie’s next victim and she’s ripe for the picking, still being knocked out, thanks to Lucky. Annie is right to it, removing Brooke’s top and playing with her until Lucky starts to stir. Lucky tries to make a run for it, but Annie catches her, Lucky tries to fight back, but a series of brutal low blows puts Lucky back out on the mats. So, it’s back to Brooke and the handcuffs come out this time. Annie cuffs Brooke and stands her in the corner. She grabs a giant ball for outside the ring and plays catch with Brooke’s exposed breasts for a while. Brooke passes out in the corner and now it’s Lucky’s turn again. Annie uses the ball again, this time bending Lucky over it and spanking her. Annie picks up both girls now and they’re both too out of it to put up any kind resistance as Annie mocks them, making them kiss and stuffing Lucky’s face into Brooke’s exposed breasts. Finally, Ela is conscious again and tries confronting Annie. Ela is immediately stripped of all her clothes and head-butted, knocking her out cold. Annie stacks the two out cold new comers, drags Ela in close and pins the rookies, using Ela’s limp arm for the 3 count. Annie claims herself as the victor and welcomes Lucky and Brooke to XCW. Now we move onto the match with Jessica Ryan vs GI Jewell. Once the match gets underway, it takes no time for Jessica to take control on the match. She remains in control, almost completely uncontested, until GI Jewell reverses an Irish whip into the corner, Jewell lifts Jessica to sit on the turnbuckle, but Jewell is pushed back by Jessica’s boot, Jewell rushes back in, but this time is met with a heart punch, followed by several more heart punches. Jewell drops like a stone, flat on her back. Jessica the jumps from the 2nd turn buckle, landing a flying heart punch on GI Jewell. Jessica goes for the pin, but Jewell kicks out, a few more heart punches finally puts Jewell out and gives Jessica the successful pin. Christie comes out to congratulate Jessica and add a few stomps to GI Jewell. Ela tries to stop them, but she’s easily tossed aside, and then Lady Amazon runs in to save the day, but she’s almost immediately tripped up by Cadence. Jessica and Christie waste no time taking advantage of the assist from Cadence, stomping and triple teaming Lady Amazon. It takes the 3 of them no time at all to turn Lady Amazon into a human punching bag. They force GI Jewell to watch as Lady Amazon is finished off. Once Lady Amazon is completely destroyed, the three heels take turns facesitting GI Jewell until Christie finishes her off, leaving Lady Amazon and GI Jewell out cold in the ring.

Another great episode of XCW in the books, but, I’m going to get my tiny gripe with this episode out of the way before I talk about all the other goodness. I am super pumped to see Lucky O’Shea finally make a visit to XCW, but I was left to wonder why Lucky didn’t lose any of her clothing. It’s a very small issue, but an issue, nonetheless. I can’t complain about anything else, because this Is the way I love XCW, with 90% fighting, almost all of it being one-sided/unfair beatdowns, with only a little bit of sexual humiliation on the sides. And really great beatdowns too, as everyone got completely destroyed, Ela, Lucky, Brooke, GI Jewell, and even Lady Amazon as the run in, all got completely devastated, which was awesome to watch. I love that Lucky got KO’d a couple of times by Annie who was just so brutal, even taking out Ela, (Oh how I love Ela) for the second time, with a vicious head-butt for that great body pile pin. Kym Jane again is an awesome, pretty much had no chance against Jessica and it get even worse after Lady Amazon came in to rescue her. I love that Lady Amazon is probably the biggest jobber in XCW, because everyone knows her massive boobs are her weakness and she can never stop anyone from attacking them. So it’s always good to see her, because you know she’s going to get destroyed. Overall, this is another excellent, high quality XCW episode, a great one for those out you who just love watching some brutal one sided beatdowns and I can’t wait to see what incredibly humiliating outfit Christie has planned for GI Jewell, just to completely dominate her yet again.

Overall Score: 9.5/10