Review of X Club Wrestling Episode 37

Review of Combat Fetish X Club Wrestling Episode 37 – 36.5 Mins

Last week we watched as the Trio of Brutality, The Marquise, The Dominator, and the Warrior, once again ganged up on and BRUTALIZED Karlie “The Bitch” Montana! But before they could do any permanent damage, “Ice Cold” Stokely made the save! Now we have the tag team rematch: The Dominator and The Warrior vs Karlie Montana and “Ice Cold” Stokely! Both Karlie and Stokely are bad ass wrestlers, but The Dominator and The Warrior are two of the most powerful and sadistic forces in all of XCW! Do Karlie and Stokely stand any chance? Or will they be ravaged and sexually humiliated by the bad girls? Also in this thrilling episode, we FINALLY find out what happened in the Sinn vs Midnight Gunner match from Divapocalypse 2! Although our network still refuses to let us show the match, we have been given permission to show some still photos from that brutal and gruesome match!! Is the feud between the Country Girl and the “Nasty” one finally over??

This episode opens with a Ella announcing that we get to take a look at what happened between Sinn and Midnight Gunner and the upcoming tag match, when The Dominator and The Warrior enter and make sure Ella is very clear that their match will be a no DQ match and to stay out of their way. We then flashback to the Sinn and Annie’s fight, where Sinn gets cheated, of course and quickly loses the match vs Midnight Gunner, which allows Annie Guns official return. Sinn immediately challenges Annie. We then get a slideshow, with a narration explaining what happened. It’s a brutal match, with both girls getting busted open, but it is Sinn who comes away with the win in the end. The two enemies hug it out after the match, which may actually signal the end of the rivalry. Than its time for the main event, the 4 competitors enter, and right off the bat Karlie and Ice Cold take charge, catching The Dominator and The Warrior off guard. Ella soon manages to regain control, and get the match officially started with The Warrior and Karlie being the legal fighters. Right away, The Warrior causes a distraction, with everyone focused on her made it easy for The Dominator to sneak up on Karlie and knock her out with some kind of sleeping powder. Karlie is now ragdolled by The Warrior as Ice Cold can do nothing but yell and curse from her corner. After quite beating, Karlie is final able to make a tag. Ice Cold comes in and starts kicking ass, but a chair shot to the head comes out of nowhere and brings hers her assault to a screeching halt, as she’s knocked out cold. Ella tries to step in, but only gets a chair shot of her own for her efforts. With the ref out of the way, The Dominator and The Warrior strap up and being to strip, ravish and humiliate Ice Cold and Karlie, even Ella gets some too. While The Dominator and The Warrior where focused on Ella, Ice Cold sets herself on the ropes and take them both down when the notice her. Karlie then springs in to action and with a cross face is able to get The Warrior to submit. Ice Cold, Karlie and Ella all make a quick escape after the submission leaving the pissed off heels in the ring to sulk.

Finally getting some good answers from this episode, we get what happened with Sinn and Anne. As happy as I am to finally get some answers about that, I now, even more than ever, would like to see that match in its entirety. I’m almost certain that will never happen, but a man can dream, right. Ice Cold makes her XCW debut, and I’m really happy how it turned out, because she does get to be a badass for a bit, but then gets wrecked like the faces are supposed to, yet she’s still able to make way for Karlie to get the win. I love Karlie being ragdolled, her reactions a prefect, even with some twitching while being choked, although it’s funny she can still stand on her own, but no matter, it was still great to see some nice ragdolling in XCW. Again I have to mention how amazing Ella is, her expression are always so amazing, the look of terror on her face when approached by The Dominator and The Warrior is outstanding. She get knocked out a couple of times, which is always awesome, and we do get a great look of her knocked out this time too. There’s a lot of “strapon ravishing” at the end of this one, as long as it doesn’t outweigh the wrestling action, some sexy ravishing is always great to see and having Karlie, Ice Cold and even Ella being taken advantage of is pretty amazing. Next time I assume we’re going to pick up the GI Jewell story, can’t wait to get her destroyed again.

Overall Score: 9.5/10