Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #36

Review of Combat FetishX Club Wrestling Episode #36 – 38 mins

It’s the first episode of season 3 of X Club Wrestling!!

At Divapocalypse 2, we saw The Warrior shock the world as she TURNED on her partner, Karlie “The Bitch” Montana, and seemingly joined forces with The Marquise and The Dominator! No doubt Karlie is ITCHING for revenge, but what chance does she stand against THREE of the most powerful wrestlers XCW has ever seen?! Will she get her vengeance, or will she be beaten and brutalized all over again? And of course, the XCW universe was astonished when, out of nowhere and seemingly for no reason, Christie Stevens said “I quit” at Divapocalypse 2, thus making GI Jewell and Nikki Jane the victors! Since technically GI Jewell was the one who “made” Stevens submit, GI Jewell is now in line for a title shot! But does she have the strength to regain the XCW title after all the horrific BEATDOWNS she’s suffered in recent weeks?

The show opens with Christie telling Jessica why she let GI Jewell win at Divapocalypse 2. Basically, Christie knows that beating Jewell will be really easy. Just then, GI Jewell enters the building and Christie thinks a little insurance is a good idea, sending Jessica to flank around the other side. After a short distraction Jessica attacks GI Jewell from behind. The two make quick work of Jewell, knocking her out, humiliating her and stealing her patented camo booty shorts as well. Next, we fade in on Head Ref Ela Darling makes some announcements, including her being the acting GM, because of James Jackson being investigated for playing favorites, to telling us the Sinn and Annie Gunn feud isn’t over, just on hold. Then Ela intros The Warrior, to answer why she turned on Karlie. The Warrior says she didn’t want to have to fight The Dominator and The Marquise every week to “maybe” win, when she could join them and win every week. Karlie “The Bitch” Montana interrupts and is clearly pissed, The Warrior warns her that is if she attacks her, The Dominator and The Marquise will beat her down worse than they did at Divapocalypse 2. Karlie pays her no mind, attacking anyway. Karlie is just getting started beating down The Warrior when, as promised, The Dominator and The Marquise attack from behind and the three of them beat the stuffing out of Karlie with 3 on 1 assaults, folding chairs and power moves. Just as they are about to finish off the destroyed Karlie, a new face appears, someone named Ice cold, who apparently already knows The Marquise and The Marquise isn’t happy to see her. Ice cold easily clears the ring, putting the heels on… their heels, saving Karlie. Ela shows up, making a match for next episode with Karlie and Ice Cold versus The Warrior and The Dominator, but you know The Marquise will be there too. Finally, it’s time for the title match and right away you can see that GI Jewell is still recovering for her beatdown earlier in the show and she’s wearing camo skirt and panties, because her shorts were “missing.” Christie attacks her right away, but Ela stops her before too long. She asks if Jewell can fight and of course GI Jewell says she’s fine. Christie destroys GI Jewell with great ease, even taking out Ela too, along the way. Ela is able to count the pin before passing out again. Then, Cadence and Jessica Ryan join the party. They toss Ela out of the ring and really add insult to injury on GI Jewell until finally Ela wakes up and stops them.

XCW is back, after what feels like forever and starting off with a bang. They pick up right where they left of directly answering a lot of the questions that were created from Divapocalypse 2. I really happy that they did that almost right away, then got right into the action. I love just how much fighting happened in this one, it is just about 90% beatdowns with GI Jewell and Karlie both taking incredible beatings, and both of them where reduced to near ragdoll status in their respective beatdowns. We got the introduction of a new face added to the XCW ranks. She is Ice Cold and she is the female Sandman, kendo stick and beer included, which is awesome! I wonder if she’ll actually be able to help Karlie or end up dominated like the rest and turn her back or leave her friend hanging? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out. The amount of great thing that could happen with Ice Cold in endless. I’m still really enjoying the constant destruction of Jewell and Karlie, they both sell so great i don’t really want to see them win. Ela is also amazing, she plays a small, but important role as head ref and temp GM. She makes great expressions and it always easy to KO, although we did miss out on a good close up look of Ela laid out this time. It’s a tiny detail, but something I always want to see. No telling where this story will go next, or what craziness will happen, but it’s going to be fun to watch, no matter what happens. Overall, I really happy to see a new XCW, really happy with how much of a beating Karlie and Jewell took and I cannot wait to see what will happen with the arrival of Ice Cold in XCW.

Overall Score: 9.9/10