Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #34

Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #34

We start off this episode of XCW with GM James Jackson and XCW’s head official, Ela Darling. Looks like someone is finally trying to install some order in this heel biased company as Ela drops a bomb on James, telling him that she as been given the power to remove, crooked ref, Jessica Ryan, from her ref position and is here to do so. James is floored by the news and Jessica storms up pissed off asking for an explanation. Jessica is scheduled for a match tonight and the ref for her match is none other than Ela Darling. She stands confident in the ring, fresh off breaking the news to Jessica and James. Jessica goes right on the attack easily beating Ela into submission. It takes Jessica’s opponent about 5 mins to come to the ring. in that time Jessica has had her fun with Ela, even ripping her panties from her body and stuffing them in Ela’s mouth. Jessica’s opponent is rookie, Karissa Kane. Karissa enters the ring and Jessica leaves Ela to handle Karissa. Karissa gets control to start but, a well timed low blow turns the tide in Jessica’s favor. Now Karissa is at Jessica’s mercy, however Jessica gets over confident and Karissa pulls of a move, dropping Jessica on her face. Karissa goes for a pin and Ela peers over the side of the ring to count the pinfall. Karissa gets the win, but Jessica isn’t out and is quick to attack Karissa. This time Karissa is completely striped and dominated by Jessica. That is until The Marquise and The Dominator come to the ring. Jessica wisely clears out and now The Marquise and The Dominator pick up were Jessica left off, abusing the already beaten down Karissa. The whole time they are taunting someone to come save Karissa. GI Jane is not in the building, still recovering from her run in with the concrete last episode. So no one answers the call, until The Marquise and The Dominator piledrive Karissa. Then The Warrior has finally seen enough. She comes in and tries to take out The Marquise and The Dominator but the eventually get a hold of her and after a couple shots to the head with a hand cuff used as brass knuckles, The Warrior is out of it. The Marquise and The Dominator split up now as one dominates The Warrior and the other has her fun with Karissa, who is still out from her piledriver. Once satisfied, The Marquise and The Dominator leave but not before making a challenge to The Warrior for a tag match at the upcoming PPV event Divapocalypse 2.

If I said it once i said it 100 times. I love this storyline and how it always carries through each episode. This time the faces of XCW try and make a bit of a stand by getting Jessica Ryan out of her ref gig. That’s a step into right direction, trying to level the playing field and Karissa actually won the match. Although they all got their butts kicked in the end. I really liked how The Marquise and The Dominator lured The Warrior out to the ring and she came, knowing she was walking into a beating. I do feel there wasn’t enough fighting in this one. The moments of fighting where all short lived. I Really like when more wrestling than molesting. The fighting that was in this was of course great, as always and that’s why i want more next time.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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