Review of Wined, Dined and Knocked Out

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsWined, Dined and Knocked Out – 25 mins

Keri is having her weekly wine tasting at her house with her friends Morgan and Jade. She’s very excited to be offering up an imported Pinot Grigio and expresses this to her friends. They’re also eager to try. Keri rushes off to the other room to get a sampling of the delicious wine. What the ladies don’t know is that along with pouring the wine, Keri is also adding a sleepy sedative to their glasses. Keri has a thing for watching her friends pass out. She rushes back in the room, glasses in hand, eager to get the party started. As soon as Morgan and Jade take a sip of their wine, they start to feel woozy. Their eyes roll dramatically and they feel punch drunk, Keri smirks knowingly, sitting back and sipping on her glass confidently. As her two friends slowly succumb to unconsciousness, Keri knows her fun has just begun. Once Jade and Morgan are out, Keri strips them out of their dresses one by one, caressing their bodies and doing limp checks. She also checks their eyes, showing the whites. Satisfied after removing their clothes and doing some of limp play, she waltzes out of the room. When Keri leaves the room, a late arrival comes to the party. Hannah Perez walks in and sees Jade and Morgan in just their panties. She’s a bit shocked, but also privy to Keri’s ways. She takes a look at the glasses and deducing the two similar ones, pours into the solitary one and waits for Keri to come back. When Keri comes back in, they argue back and forth about whether or not Keri is up to her old tricks. Keri pleads her innocence, but Hannah is just not buying it. Keri encourages Hannah to try the wine, attempting to overshadow the situation and get Hannah knocked out. Obviously Keri doesn’t know that her own glass has been tainted. Keri takes a long sip and before she can know what’s coming, the effects start to take over. Her eyes start rolling and Hannah laughs. Keri is on her way out as she collapses to the couch. Hannah takes her time doing limp checks, caressing Keri and removing her dress. Once Keri is in the same embarrassing predicament as the other two, Hannah wakes them up. Deciding it’s time for some revenge, Hannah leads Morgan and Jade off camera to gather some things. The camera fades back in to Hannah holding some rope over Keri. As she’s binding Keri’s wrist, she comes to. The three girls are ready to get even and take turns KO’ing Keri. They use hand over mouth/nose pinch, sleeper hold, and Hannah removes her dress for to use to send Keri out. After each KO sequence, Keri is played with and limp checked efficiently. Once satisfied with their redemption, the girls leave Keri to sleep it off. I guess Keri’s party didn’t end the way she planned.

I just love when a video is unpredictable. At the start of this on it seems like Keri had everything planned out and was going to have a long night full of great limp play as Morgan and Jade fall right into her trap. I felt sure that exactly what was going to happen. Unfortunately for Keri, and much to my surprise as well, Hannah was not a part of the plan. It’s great to see as Keri panics and tries to say anything to get Hannah to believe her innocents, but Hannah knows better, not buying any of Keri’s crap. Keri’s plans go up in flames as she unknowingly drinks her own concoction. Keri really sells this amazingly. Then Hannah wakes up Keri’s planned victims for payback and they each get a turn knocking out Keri, giving us not only more great selling, but also Keri saying anything and anything to get her off the hook, which doesn’t work, is great to watch. A very well done story. I love seeing Keri getting KO’d, I even made a little tiny complaint to myself about not getting to see Keri KO’d as the story was setting up, not knowing what was coming. So, I was really happy when Hannah turns the tides. All these girls are amazing, not only in looks, but each girl performs well and play off each other perfectly. It feels believable as the girls argue or talk crap. Overall, we have 3 stunning girls, who all end up in nothing but their bra and panties, delivering us solid a solid story, with great limp play and selling. Nothing not to love about this one.

Overall Score: 9.5/10