Review of When Puma Attacks! feat Allie Parker

Review of When Puma Attacks! feat Allie Parker – 23 mins

This is Allie 2nd try against The Puma. Although things didn’t work out too well for Allie last time, she’s confident this time will be different. Puma is just as confident as always and for good reason. Soon after the match is underway, The puma is in total control and her yet again dominates Allie from beginning to end. He beats, chokes, stomps, kicks and stretches Allie to his will. Its a solid 20+ minutes of a one sided beatdown before The puma finally puts Allie to sleep for the night. The Puma proudly takes his victory pose, before heading out. Better luck next time Allie.

Another good, one sided beat down. I love the arrogance that pours out of The Puma, the same goes for Allie. It is great to see how quickly all that arrogance gets squeezed out of Allie as she quickly realizes she has bitten off more than she can chew again. Allie is pretty new to me, a friend and fellow wrestling fan told me to check her out and I was not disappointed. Her selling is good, every hold she gets put in she sells it like it’s inches for breaking her in half. She gets weak and dazed as the match goes and was almost already out cold my time the final sleeper gets slapped on. It took just a few moments for her struggles to come to an end. Overall, lots of great submission holds, good selling and at least it does end with a KO. Would like to see more Allie, maybe a with a few more KOs, you guys now me.

Overall Score: 8/10