Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldWHEN JESSIE MET ELIZA – 21 mins

We fade in on Eliza cutting a boastful promo, stating that she’s a veteran, has beaten most of the SKW girls over the years and is ready for any challenger at SKW.  A sudden sneak attack low blow from behind, however, leaves her out cold and twitching on the mats.  The KO, courtesy of Jessie belle, is immediately followed up by one hell of a classic over the top SKW squash, with Eliza doing an amazing job of playing victim to Jessie’s brutal southern beatdown. A final pin and victory pose finally come, after a nasty right hook knocks the taste out of Eliza’s month and covers the SK camera in it, then two piledrivers and a gory bomb leave the SKW vet KO’d in the middle of the mats.

This is the kind of vid that I go nuts for, Eliza has always been an amazing heel and this vid is custom made for her style of selling. Super over the top reactions with tons of eyerolling, twitching and half-conscious babbling are her specialty. Eliza is pretty much out of it from the 1st low blow the floors her and it only get worse for her from there. Jessie Belle, in a super sexy bikini, uses all the tricks of her trade, knocking out Eliza again and again. Jessie has got to be the funniest heel we’ve ever had at SKW, she never quits talking trash and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Her southern accent and creative insults add just as much to this vid as Eliza’s amazing, over the top selling. Overall, with tons of KOs, all sold with excellent over the top reactions, coupled with Jessie Belle’s southern style insult commentary, makes this one easily my favorite clip of the update and a must by for every SKW fan.

Overall Score: 9.9/10