Review of Wenona in Bedroom Belly Punching

Review of Mixed Model WrestlingWenona in Bedroom Belly Punching – 14 Mins

WenonaSexy lingerie model, Wenona, is wearing a sensual nightie and underwear set. A man comes in her bedroom, rope in hand, he sneaks up behind her while she rubs lotion on her belly. He puts the rope around her waist and tightens the rope tight. He pulls her against him with the rope and the rope sinks in her belly. As Wenona fights the rope, it only gets tighter. He lets her go and she is having difficulty breathing as she holds her hands on her belly. He forces her down on the bed, holding her throat. Her upper body lays on the bed – her hips and legs is hanging out on the edge and this stretches her body. He then begins to punch her in her lower belly and she responds with pain. He is holding her arms over her head and continues to work on her belly. Wenona passes out and he punches her hard again in her belly several times. He undresses her. Then he lifts her up on his shoulder and places her on the floor with a pillow under her back with her belly at the highest point on the floor. He punches her many times in the belly – she moans, but she is still out. With her hands restrained, Wenona is moved to the door… He warms up her belly a bit and then continues the punching… Wenona’s belly is tagged over and over… He starts off easy and then punches hard and harder… He does not stop till she passes out from the pain… He brings her down from the door and removes the ropes, but not without first punching her belly some more… Wenona is left to think why she did not lock the door when she came home.

I’m not normally one to grab a belly punch vid, but this one peaked my interest and came it through for me. First thing is Wenona, I’m a huge Wenona fan, so that alone made me look at what this vid was about. Wenona looks perfect in this, her toned, muscular body is on full display. Next is overkill attacks, Wenona spends just about half of this vid out cold, but the punches keep coming, forcing weak moans and very minor reactions. I would have liked a little bit more of a physical reaction from the punches but, it wasn’t bad. Lastly, the amount of times he moves Wenona’s position keeps the repetitive punches for becoming stale, he also mixed in some chokes and a little rubbing on her belly, instead of just punches all the time. So I took a chance on an unknown production and didn’t get burned. In fact, I think I’ll probably be looking to see what else these guys have, especially if it stars Wenona.

Overall score: 9/10