Review of Wenona Dominated By Bob

Review of Fetish AdventuresWenona Dominated By Bob – 15 mins

Bob is seeking revenge after the beating Wenona gave him in a previous clip. He’s quick to take control, stretching her out pretty good. However she is pretty tough and flexible, so she tries to mock him by laughing at some of his holds, but it only makes him try harder. Bob unloaded on her with prostyle moves, chokes and even smothers. Wenona still tries to laughs at Bob through her pain but all it does is make him more determined to hurt her. He unties her top and continues his dominance. In the end Wenona not only gets KO’d, but Bob finishes her off for good by doing his new signature neck break ending and stuffs her bikini top in her mouth for a little extra humiliation.

Wenona is one of those really talented girls that I just don’t see enough of. She’s got a great look and sells just as good. This one is a little off for me. She’s supposed to laugh at Bob a lot, making fun of him, calling him weak and what not, but it just kind of feels like outtakes. Or maybe I just don’t like when the jobber is laughing, while in a submission hold, I don’t really know, but I don’t like it. The rest of the match of pretty good though, these a few quick KOs along the way, lots of bending and stretching of Wenona, showing off her awesome body and Bob takes her top off pretty early in the match, which is always welcomed. It wraps up with a great KO and added neck snap for good measure. Also stuffing her bikini top in mouth was a great humiliation addition. Overall, no laughing from my jobbers please, scripted or not, but other than that I’m pretty happy with this one and I will be looking for more from Wenona soon.

Overall Score: 8/10