Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldVIVIAN vs ADDIE JUNIPER – 15 mins

In this multi-fall battle, the lovely Addie takes on the sultry Vivian in a last-woman standing battle. ROUND ONE: Vivian dominates with belly punches, but Addie reverses the action, throwing some belly blows of her own. After a hip toss, Addie traps Vivian in a sleeper for the final eyerolling KO. ROUND TWO: Vivian traps Addie in a headlock and nails a DDT KO, followed by a figure four neck scissors that turns into a neck buster KO. ROUND THREE: A test of strength leads to a series of belly kicks from Addie that double Vivian over. She weakens Vivian with a dragon sleeper and ends her consciousness with a flying knee drop to the skull. ROUND FOUR: Addie traps Vivian in a bearhug, but Vivian escapes with an elbow strike to the neck. She picks Addie up and squeezes her out cold with her own bearhug, letting her drop to the mats for her pin. ROUND FIVE: Addie opens with a belly blow and a vicious X-FACTOR. An eyerolling Vivian is grabbed by the hair and set up for a running scissor lock! Addie cranks the standing neck scissors until Vivian weakens and drops the mats, face down. She struggles, but Addie’s thighs are too powerful and Vivian slowly passes out cold. ROUND SIX: An angered Vivian traps Addie in a headlock and delivers a volley of jabs to her face, followed by a brutal knee to the jaw. Addie drops to her back, barely conscious as Vivian lands four belly to belly splashes for the KO, but she’s not done. She adds three more splashes to an already unconscious Addie, prompting SK to deliver a verbal warning. Vivian goes for the successful pin. ROUND SEVEN: The girls square off and talk trash, both going for a clothesline that leads to a double KO count out. FINAL ROUND: Vivian opens with a belly blow and slams Addie into the wall repeatedly until Addie stumbles around, eyes rolled and punch drunk. Vivian traps Addie in a sleeper, talking smack as Addie slowly succumbs to the blood choke. Addie’s eyelids flutter shut, and that spells the end for the sleeping wrestler, as Vivian goes for her final pin and victory pose.

This is kind of a throwback vid, as both these wrestlers haven’t been at SKW in some time and who knows if they ever will again, we can only hope. We got a great traditional, back and forth prostyle battle, which is the best way to see both girls jobbing skills. Both Addie and Vivian are awesome in every way. They sell their losses great, with nice eyerolling and struggling. They also both play off each other well, with plenty of trash talk, as they are both super confident in their victories. We also get a couple extra rounds in this one, as most of these matches only have 5 or 6 rounds, this one had 8, which is great. Overall, this is a really nice prostyle battle that lets us revisit some our most missed wrestlers.

Overall Score: 8.5/10