Review of NGC ChampionshipVIRTUE VS QARAN CASUS – 6.5 min

This is the first time Virtue has been at NGC Champs and she up against a male guest, Qaran Casus. After she holds the match up for a minute, to remove her boots, he makes quick work of the confident heroine after he misses his 1st few punches. After dodging his first attacks, Virtue’s confidence grows. As soon as that happens he’s able to grab her the neck, slowing her down and backing her into a corner. From here it’s all over but the crying. His strength is too great for her. A few punches in the corner, a huge backbreaker and a uppercut puts her out cold. The announcer offers him another chance to do anything else before he leaves. He gladly picks her up into a bear hug, She’s pretty much out cold still, but reacts to the squeezes. He tosses her back on the ground and heads out, victorious.

These’s videos are really short, but they full the time very well. I love getting straight to the point and seeing a confident superheroine crushed. Even getting a cherry on top of this one with the, pretty much ragdoll bear hug. It’s great to see him add a little more insult to injury. Of course if you like to see the comeback story, there’s an alternative ending where she comes out one top. Overall, although very short, becasue of the solid selling, this is a very enjoyable superheroine destruction video.

Overall score: 8.5/10