Review of Victoria Knocked Silly

Review of Victoria Knocked Silly – 17.5 min

This is a collection of various beautiful KOs all starring Victoria. 16 separate short POV scenes of Victoria being knocked unconscious repeatedly using a bunch of different methods like a club to the head, punched, and door shut in face. Every knock out features Victoria being knocked silly and shown off a bit after she’s out. She smiles goes cross eyed and sticks her tongue out, along with birdie and cuckoo clock sound effects.

This is one of my favorite GGS vids, Victoria nails this one. Her reactions are silly, but not too silly, she giggles a bit while sticking her tongue out. The scene are short, but just right. There’s enough time for Victoria to sell it and there’s some limp play after she goes out. I love all the outfits in this one, she looks awesome in all of them. Overall, a great silly KOs vid, it a good length and very well done.

Overall Score: 9/10


  • Victoria is the best around . does she other stuff besides ggs out there ?

    • Not that I know of, but i wouldn’t be shocked and i hope to someday find it.

  • GGS filmed this custom for me , and in my opinion , they couldn’t have done a better job . There’s a second video of Victoria being knocked silly , but I haven’t seen it . However , from what I could tell , it seems slightly less silly than its’ predecessor . ( And by that , I mean no tongue protrusion . ) I think GGS abandoned shooting customs , and that’s a real pity . They definitely have some girls on their roster that I’d love to give some work to .

    • Yes on all of those questions… Yes there is a part of Victory knocked silly.. Yes, these no tough protrusion and it’s just overall not nearly as good…. Yes, GGS has stopped taking customs which only makes a lot of their vids seem very repetitive… and Yes there is definitely some great girl i would love to see work elsewhere or get a custom from GGS with them.