Review of UNDER THE INFLUENCE: second battle

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldUNDER THE INFLUENCE: second battle – 34 Mins

lunaBoth Sumiko and Luna have agreed to take each other on in a multiple KOs battle, but ONLY after having downed drugged drinks that keep them on the edge of consciousness for the duration of this multi-fall battle! Fans of our Exhaustion and Overkill series will fall in love with this instant classic, pitting two of the most beautiful ladies in wrestling against each other in a desperate fight to the finish!

I’m going to try and not rave about this one too long, simply put, you guys have got to see this one. I’ve been pretty big on Luna for a while now, even more so after her ragdoll video, saying things like, “she’s up there with Sumiko”. This video definitely puts those doubts to rest, Luna is 100% up there with Sumiko. This is an amazing display of over selling excellence from both Luna and Sumiko. With the combination of an exhaustion vid, mixed with an overkill, Sumiko and Luna both put on quite a show. Lots of eyerolling and tongue protrusion, twitching and drooling as these girls go back and forth, trying to best each other. Also the sexy, shiny one pieces definitely add to the awesomeness of this one. If you’re not a fan of Luna yet, this is your chance to get on the train.  Watching her sell along with the veteran and everyone’s favorite jobber in this over the top showdown, will win over any who doubt her skills.

Overall score: 10/10