Review of UNDER THE INFLUENCE: fourth battle

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldUNDER THE INFLUENCE: fourth battle – 36 Mins

SparrowKayla and Sparrow agreed to a drugged drink battle. One where both ladies take a few sips of a sedative-laced beverage that leaves them barely able to stand during the battle itself! We watch them down the drinks and fade in to a few minutes later. Sparrow and Kayla are completely out of it, eyes rolling and slurring their words, but the battle MUST go on!   The girls, exhausted, go back and forth, delivering tons of KOs until an obliterated Sparrow verbally submits, leading to a massive KO from Kayla, and a final sleeping pileup on the ground!

Here is a match that I couldn’t wait to see, the amazing Sparrow, vs the outstanding Kayla in a drugged drink battle. You literally can’t go wrong with this combination. Sparrow spends most of the time on the losing end, giving of great eye crossing and awesome reactions to the numerus overkill attacks from Kayla. Kayla doesn’t get off scot-free though, as Sparrow gets some offense in as well, with great overkill attacks of her own. Kayla also sells it really well too. The girls both talk a lot of trash while in control, but they slur their words, so bad sometimes I think only they understand what they’re saying. I couldn’t help but laugh at their drunken babbling. Both girls look great in their one piece suits, I love Kayla’s shiny suit, but Sparrow’s super tight suit, just looks so amazing on her. In the end, Sparrow admits her defeat, and is given another dose of the tainted water, then finished off with two piledrivers that leave her twitching and drooling. Kayla gets the final pin, with a few overkill splashes, before passing out on top of Sparrow. I love this series, I love this two incredibly talented girls and this is my “must see/best of update” video.

Overall Score: 10/10