Review of UNDER THE INFLUENCE: first battle

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldUNDER THE INFLUENCE: first battle – 20 mins

SKW brings us a new series, one where two fighters agree to drink a bottle of water laced with a sedative designed to keep them barley conscious during the multi-round KOs battle that follows. In this case, we start off with the lovely Luna taking on the beautiful Eve Avon. The two fighters consume the drugged drink and we fade in moments later when it takes full effect. What follows is a multi-round KO fest, jam-packed with post-KO finishers, multiple pin attempts, and two of the most amazing “sleepy wrestling” performances you’ll ever see.

Again, I think SK is on to something great, this is a really easy way to make then exhaustion match and opens up some options on just how exhausted the girls are depending on the dose. That being said, this is a totally home run. Luna and Eve are awesome in every possible way. They both deliver us great exhausted, over the top reactions and look amazing while doing it. Luna was super resilient, kicking out of many pins, even after being drugged and taking a beating. The girls pass out on each other a number of times, weather it’s after securing a round win, or just in the middle of the round from exhaustion. Eve gave Luna everything she could, but after being forced to drink more of the tainted water, she had no life left, letting Luna get the pin and win, of course to only pass out on top of Eve in a very great way after her victory pose. Overall, this is all in all an exhaustion video, just done in a different, somewhat simpler way. I see tons of potential in this idea, like accidental overdose, that ends up with one girl being nearly a ragdoll, dominated by her punch drunk opponent. Anyway, overkill and exhaustion fans, this is a definite must see.

Overall Score: 9.9/10