Review of UNDER THE INFLUENCE: fifth battle

Review of Sleeperkid’s World UNDER THE INFLUENCE: fifth battle – 29 Mins

AlisaTag team partners Serenity and Alisa decide to put their friendship aside for a drugged drink battle, whose winner is promised a huge cash prize! The girls down their drugged water and we fade in on them 20 minutes later. Both fighters are barely conscious, eyes rolling as they attempt to fight it out… moving as if they were trapped in a swamp and delivering TONS of moves as best they can, trying like hell to get the winning pin!! In the end, one girl decides she DOESN’T want to split the winnings with her friend and goes on a rampage, putting her down for good with a series of head strikes… with a BRICK!

This is quickly becoming my favorite series from SKW, behind Babyface Ragdolls of course. In this one we get to welcome back a very great talent, Serenity, who does some really awesome eyerolling and we get a ton of it in this. Alisa, not to be out done also brings her A game in the selling department, overselling excellently as well. The match starts out with a little bit of boxing. Something that I just haven’t been getting enough of lately and I was really happy to have some boxing action in an overselling platform like this, lots of eyerolling, tongue protrusion and really exaggerated reactions, which I never tire of seeing. The gloves come off soon, and after a little wrestling and some failed pin attempts, the weapons come about. Serenity takes most of the damage here, with overkill blackjack attacks to the point that Serenity’s only reaction is a little more than a twitch. Then after being forced to drink another dose of the tainted water, Alisa finishes her off with repeated strikes from a brick! This is an awesome vid, Alisa and Serenity are flawless in every possible way. If you’re a fan of watching some overselling excellence, then you better not miss this one.

Overall Score: 9.9/10