Review of Under LeAnn’s Spell

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsUnder LeAnn’s Spell – 15 Mins

You and Becca are special agents looking to catch LeAnn, a jewel thief. As you enter LeAnn’s lair Becca warns you of the girl’s special hypnotic powers and that you both need to stop her before she manages to use her powers! When you confront LeAnn she immediately begins to wave her hands in front of you and causing you both to get groggy. But Becca manages to resist enough to attack LeAnn from behind with a choke hold. LeAnn escapes and the two beauties fight it out with punches, headlocks, scissors, and a camel clutch. Finally, as Becca is over powering LeAnn with punches, LeAnn hypnotizes you… “Help me!” she says. And you grab Becca’s fist to stop her from finishing LeAnn off! LeAnn grabs the blond in a sleeper hold, but instead of finishing her off she waves her hypnotic hand in front of the girl to daze her enough so she stands, powerless, to stop LeAnn from coming at you! The two of you engage in a punch out, with LeAnn making you weaker and weaker with her sexy dancing, kisses, and magical spell. The end comes when Becca shakes off the spell and the two beauties trade punches, with each of them asking you to help! But you’re too dazed to know what to do, until suddenly you attack Becca! Poor Becca is punched back and forth by you and LeAnn until she finally drops to her knees to admit defeat. LeAnn commands you to knock Becca out, which you do, then she leads you to the back room to make you her special slave!

This is a cool and creative video, as in this one you’re not just the camera that no one sees, but actually are a part of the action. I like that it’s kind of a POV vid, outside of the normal one on one type of POVs. I love how back forth this battle is, between the fighting and LeAnn try to hypnotize both you and Becca, with you trying to fight the hypnosis, not being able to decide which side you’re supposed to be on, and Becca too, trying to fight the good fight and keep you on her side as well. It’s a really great, really fun idea, if it was one sided, for either the good or evil side, it just wouldn’t have been as much fun. It’s the power struggle, both with the fighting and the hypnosis that really makes this one exciting. I also love how it ended, with you finally succumbing to the hypnosis and turning on Becca, knocking her out and not resisting as LeAnn tells you she’s going to make you her slave. And of course, more top rated selling from Becca and LeAnn, as well as great outfits for both girls too. Overall, this was really fun, really creative and very well done, of course. I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel to this, where Becca tries to rescue you and then who knows what happens, but it would be great to see.

Overall score: 9/10