Review of Ultimate Submission

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsUltimate Submission – 14.5 Mins

beccaThis video starts with a flashback, when Becca defeated Sasha using a figure four leg lock. As Antoinette the ref looked on, Becca was extremely cocky when she forced Sasha to scream her submission and tap out several times! Becca finally released the screaming brunette and stood proudly by as Antoinette consoled the victim. Jumping to present day, Antoinette faces Becca in an Ultimate Submission match, with Sasha as the ref. Sasha lets the competitors know that she will decide when someone has suffered enough and when they have given their ultimate submission. Becca’s knee is heavily wrapped making it an immediate target for Antoinette and as soon as the match begins, Becca finds herself on the mat with Antoinette kicking her knee several times then putting the poor blond through a painful session of leg holds! It’s clear that Sasha, still carrying a grudge from her previous defeat, is loving Becca’s agony as she constantly humiliates Becca by asking sarcastically if it hurts or if she wants to give up. It takes no time for Becca to start tapping out, but Sasha takes her time asking Antoinette to release the hold. This pattern continues as Antoinette continues her relentless attack on Becca’s knee and Sasha relishes in every moment of Becca’s demise. Just to make things harder for Becca, Sasha covers the blond’s mouth so that she can’t scream her submission, blocks her hand from tapping the mat, and forces Becca to tap the mat in multiple locations just to be released from the holds! She even goes as far as sitting on Becca rubbing her legs and talking about how painful the holds look. After a lot of very painful holds and lots of Becca screaming her submissions, Sasha finally decides that Becca has had enough and crowns Antoinette champion. Antoinette takes the belt but also gets cocky, claiming that she didn’t need Sasha’s help. BIG MISTAKE! Sasha suddenly drops Antoinette then slaps both girls into a double Indian death lock, forcing them both to tap out and scream their submission. Sasha finally proclaims, “You don’t mess with the referee!”

We got Becca in a brutal one this time. One where Sasha gets to show off some of her evil side. I like the setup of this one, showing why Sasha is being so evil and can even assume that how Sasha got Antoinette to be on her side, but there’s nothing explaining what happened to Becca’s knee. Anyway small details aside, this one is all about destroying Becca’s knee. So plenty of leg submissions and a whole lot of screaming and tapping out from Becca, when she can. I love that Sasha’s whole goal was to get in the way of Becca submitting and making this a painful as she can for her, as well as making fun of Becca the whole time, poking her I injured knee, covering her mouth so she can’t talk and stopping her hand from tapping the mat. All of that really made this video a lot more fun to watch. Then in the end Antoinette has to go running her mouth and Sasha quickly fixes that problem too. It’s a really fun clip, lots of humiliation and pain for poor Becca, which we all love to see and a very cocky and evil Sasha, which we don’t get to see very often. All together makes for quite an entertaining video.

Overall score: 9/10