Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTWO vs JORDYNNE GRACE – 19 Mins

JordynneThe beautiful and powerful JORDYNNE GRACE has been training for months in order to take on TAELER HENDRIX and HELLENA HEAVENLY in a brutal gauntlet match! She must defeat both pros one at a time, only to take them on at the same time in a bonus round! The red-clad duo are super-confident, leading to a triple round pro-style battle that Jordynne attacks with a rookie’s passion!

Breakdown: Round 1: Jordynne locks Hellena Heavenly in a tight headlock but Hellena reverses it into an armlock. Hellena tosses Jordynne into the wall, working over her belly as she taunts the rookie. Hellena nails a wall splash, back to belly splash, a failed pin, some intense clotheslines, hairpulling, suplexes, a second failed pin, and a brutal TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER KO! She goes for the pin but Jordynne barely kicks out! She sets Jordynne up for a wall splash but Jordynne ducks it! HEllena slams into the wall, dazed…allowing Jordynne to nail her very OWN Tombstone Piledriver KO on the skilled vet!   She goes for the pin but Heavenly kicks out!   An already exhausted Jordynne traps Hellena in a tight sleeper, begging her to pass out, which Heavenly eventually does.   Jordynne goes for the pin and gets the 3 count!   Taeler is forced to drag her unconscious partner (a process that proves to be hilariously difficult) to the corner as we fade in to… Round 2: Taeler and Jordynne lock up in a test of strength but Taeler nails a kick to Jordynne’s mid-section. She adds a back rake, an X-Factor KO, a failed pin, a hair stand, a choke slam KO, another failed pin, thigh stomp, leg stomps, wall slams, verbal taunts, two handed choke, belly blows, multiple throat jabs, a brutal headbutt KO, reverse sidewalk slam KO, ANOTHER near pin, a killer DDT KO, and a final splash…one that Jordynne blocks with her knees!   A winded and stunned Taeler falls to the mat, leaving Jordynne little strength. She makes it over to Taeler and applies a sleeper, but Taeler breaks out of it with a sudden chinbreaker!   Jordynne drops to the mats as Taeler grabs a steel chair. She goes for the final and lethal chair shot but Jordynne ducks and nails a belly kick! Taeler drops the chair and Jordynne grabs it, hitting a brutal chair smack to Taeler’s face!   Taeler is OUT, and a completely exhausted Jordynne goes for the merciful and successful three count pin! FINAL ROUND: Jordynne has recovered, but Taeler and Hellena are still pretty much out on their feet! They rally, however, and go for a double clothesline that Jordynne expertly ducks!   Jordynne nails a double clothesline of her own, dropping both pros to the mats! Jordynne decides to finish with style, nailing a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER and a follow up SLEEPER HOLD KO on both her opponents, followed by a body stack and a winning pin!

Here’s another gauntlet match, but unlike most gauntlet matches, Jordynne barely get through the first two rounds. Jordynne really gets her butt kicked, with plenty of flashy and powerful moves, for most of the first two rounds, only taking advantage of the mistakes made by the pro tag. Jordynne looks awesome in the silver bikini, and of course the boots and knee pads are always a plus for me. She does a lot of jobbing in this one and as always with Jordynne, she is really sells these very impressive moves and really throws herself around. Its great fun watching her struggle to get this win. Taeler is also a ton of fun to watch, she adds a bit of comedy to everything she does, but when she’s trying to drag Hellena back to corner, she does her best Family Guy impression and it is hilarious. Taeler’s selling is also great and a little silly too, she definitely adds a great bit of comedy to this one. Hellena does well too, but really, is just out performed by Jordynne and Taeler, not saying she did anything wrong, but just didn’t do anything really noteworthy. Overall, I like that this gauntlet match was a real struggle for Jordynne, it changes up the idea for these kinds of videos can be, maybe one time the person going against the multiple opponents won’t win in the end. That would really be an interesting change.

Overall Score: 9/10