Review of Trina Gets Tricked

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTrina Gets Tricked – 14 Mins

REFTrina Michaels, a traveling female wrestler, made her way to the FWR studios confident that she could take down Becca, one of our star wrestlers. We brought in Layla to be an “impartial” referee (we’re funny that way) and the rules were that the match would be a multi round match where points are given when a girl gets a 10 count pin. At the end of each round that doesn’t have a pin fall, the referee would decide the winner of that round. The final winner would be the girl with the most points. Well … Trina quickly found out that this match was fixed and no matter what she did, there was no way she could win! After attacking Becca and showing her dominance she had a definite cross body pin that should have secured the first round pin but Layla counted very slowly and the bell rang! Being that no one got a pin, Layla chose Becca as the winner of that round!! When Trina attacked Becca, Layla stepped in and attacked the visitor and sat on her in a tight schoolgirl pin to remind her that she must follow the rules! Layla called for the bell and got off of Trina who quickly found Becca attacking her! After some impressive wrestling maneuvers, Becca gets a cross body pin as Layla counts a quick 10 count! Before long, Trina finds herself being double teamed by both girls and finally schoolgirl pinned to lose the match. Becca and Layla finish this fun video with plenty of double victory poses over the defeated traveling wrestler. Will Trina return to get even with Layla for her illegal referee tactics? Um, yeah 🙂 … and we’ll post that soon!

Another no good, cheating ref!! I love that whenever a ref comes into play, you know something, probably unfair, is going down. This time Layla stands up for FWR as Trina threatens every girl at FWR in the beginning. So, I can’t blame Layla for helping Becca. I like how Layla’s involvement grew over the rounds. At first it was just verbal encouragement, not counting the pin fall and handing the round to Becca, who clearly lost the round, but she never touched Trina. I love how proud Becca looked after “winning” the first round too. Then Layla kicks it up a notch, physically stopping Trina after she attacked Becca before Layla officially started the next round, setting Becca up dominate pretty much the rest of the match, which soon turns into a handicapped match. It’s was really fun to watch as things quickly grow out of control for Trina and I love when the ref gets involved to turn what would have been an easy win for Trina, into a handicapped match and an easy win for the underdog, with plenty of victory poses in the end. What’s better though, is when the girl who gets cheated, gets revenge! Rick as nice enough to tease that it might just happen and hopefully both Becca and Layla get caught in Trina’s fury. Can’t wait to find out. Overall, this vid was a ton of fun to watch, I love Becca’s pink bikini and matching shoes and can’t wait to see what happens when Trina gets her payback.

Overall Score: 9/10