Review of Trilogy of Power

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Trilogy of Power – 19 Mins

BOXINGThis custom video features something for EVERYONE! Long prematch stare downs, boxing, a lengthy test of strength contest, wrestling, and long victory poses! Peyton and Becca begin each of the three matches with a lengthy nose to nose stare down while they trash talk each other. The boxing match is pretty even with both girls delivering face and belly crunching punches, but Peyton manages to weaken Becca enough to slam her in the chin with a knock out uppercut. The lithe beauty then does several victory poses over her unconscious opponent. Part two begins with another stare down and trash talk session then the girls do a test of strength with the loser being the first one forced to her knees! It’s pretty even with both girls grunting and groaning, but Peyton simply doesn’t have the upper body strength and loses. She’s then forced to endure Becca’s victory poses over her for a long time. Part three also begins with the stare down as Peyton makes the challenge to have a wrestling match. The two beauties REALLY go at it, knowing that the winner of this section will win the overall match! You’ll see a leg split, snap mare, single and double reverse head scissors, a figure four leg lock, torture rack, and final sleeper hold that clearly leaves one girl defeated and the other enjoying her lengthy final victory pose!

Becca and Peyton are at it again, I love when this two do battle because it always turns out to be a great show. I love the nose to nose, toe to toe trash talking at the being of each round. They look super intense, confident and ready to battle, no matter what happened last round. I love that we got some boxing action, and that Becca lost the boxing round. There is literally no one that sells being punch drunk as good as Becca and a great uppercut KO too. Lots of victory poses in the one, each round ends with a nice minute or two of victory poses, which is awesome. The outfits here make the victory poses even better to watch as both girls look stellar. The test of stretching round felt almost like filler, as the other two rounds where a lot more fun and action packed. The final round has some great moves, both girls putting on a great show for us. After Becca wins the final round and the match, we are treated to an extra-long victory poses session, over the KO’s Peyton. It’s vids like this that have made Becca and Peyton my favorites at FWR.

Overall Score: 9.9/10