Review of Transforming the Justice League- Wonder Hannah’s Mental Orgasms

Review of Cali’s CustomsTransforming the Justice League- Wonder Hannah’s Mental Orgasms – 25 Mins

HannahIn Part 3 of this Superheroine Parody Series…Wonder Hannah is on a mission to find out what happened to her friends Wonder Cali and Wonder Jade. She arrives to the location of a Modeling Agency where they think the girls may be in danger. She is greeted by a happy, out of uniform Wonder Cali. She does not appear to be herself, and when Wonder Hannah tries to convince Cali that they must leave, she is doused with a heavy spray of Hush gas. Hannah fights, but it’s very strong and she falls to the floor. Wonder Cali knows that the Bad Man is going to be so pleased with her and carries Hannah into the preparation room. When Hannah comes to, she is confused and weakly tries to exit the building. Before Hannah has a chance to get her bearings, Cali produces a pendulum and Hannah cannot resist watching it swing back and forth…baaaack and forth. Wonder Hannah has lost all control. Cali is now in charge of her mind and body. She strips the superheroine and guides her mind into ecstasy. Hannah experiences mental orgasms that transform her brain into believing that she is a willing sex worker who loves her job, just like the rest of the girls. The hero is gone and the justice league loses another member of its crime fighting clan to the Bad Man.

I’ll start by saying that I’m not the biggest hypno fan, but I am quite the Hannah Perez fan and once again she doesn’t disappoint. My favorite part of this is the start, when the super happy Cali spays Hannah in the face and this great struggle to stay conscious starts, it’s not too long before Wonder Hannah is out cold and carried away. Cali is super sexy and evil as she strips and hypnotizes Hannah. I love Hannah’s reactions as she tries to fight the hypnosis, it’s just like she’s is trying to stay conscious. She even kind of fades in and out of consciousness, keeping a sleepy fan, like me, interested. Things get sexier as Hannah loses more clothes and she’s is convinced, and forced, to release her “sexual desires”. Eventfully Hannah is left naked, writhing on the bed, giving us a great final look at her awesome body. I love watching Hannah, she always puts on a great performance, great eyes, great looking and a very convincing performance. Also, the evil Cali is perfect, keeping things interesting and moving along perfectly. Even not being the biggest hypno fan, this was a really enjoyable video.

Overall Score: 9/10