Review of Tranced By Magic Sign And Used

Review of Fetish CutiesTranced By Magic Sign And Used – 15 Mins

The clip is quite similar to the “Girl Is Put Into Trance By Hand. Kira is entering her house and suddenly she sees a strange unfamiliar man right on her sofa. She’s angered at such a provoking act and starts to yell. But not for long, in a second the guy shows her a magic sign on his palm and she immediately falls into trance. Her arms fall down, her eyes are rolled and the whole body becomes soft and limp. In a minute she wakes up with a strong headache. When she notices the strange man again she starts to yell again, but he shows his palm with the sign and she falls into trance with falling arms and rolling eyes again. He snaps his fingers and she mindlessly removes her top from her breasts. The intruder examines her body and her perky nipples, but she doesn’t react. She’s fully tranced now. He snaps his fingers and she stays topless. In a while she wakes up again. She feels so dizzy, her head is ready to blow up and she can’t understand what the hell he is doing to her. Being in a shock she grabs her shoe and tries to attack her offender. But he is very fast, showing the magic sign again and Kira loses her mind again. She moans a little and falls limp on the floor and after finger snaps she slowly stands up on the knees right in front of the intruder and opens her mouth. New finger snaps and she is sucking the, not on camera, dick. Her eyes are rolled, she is limp, without any sign of mind in her head. After the man is done he makes her to swallow. Kira wakes up with a strange taste in her mouth and an awful headache again. She understands that he uses her, so she tries to escape begging him not to touch her. But no, he shows her his palm and unbuttons her shorts…

If you guys love a lot of great eye crossing, with some super sexy limp play action, then plan and simple, you need to get this vid. Fetish Cuties is still really new to me, but with each vid I see, I fall more and more in love with this production as well as, seemingly the star of the production, Kira. Kira has been amazing in every role I’ve seen her in, with this one being my new favorite. She nails all the emotions, from being surprised and confused, to angry and trying to fight back perfectly. Then once she sees the magic mark on his hand, her eyes instantly go really crossed and she makes it look easy, just holding them there, effortlessly, which really helps sell the whole trance thing, as she seems totally mindless. I love the high quality of these vids, the great camera work and Kira and the other girls have been awesome. There is another vid like this, and I loved this one so much, I’ll certainly be checking it out soon. For now, you guys go grab this one right now.

Overall Score: 9.9/10