Review of TRAINING TO LOSE 5 – 26 min

We fade in on Sumiko in the middle of training Natasha. Natasha confesses that she’s forgotten how do most of the finishing moves she once knew. Sumiko decides that she will be a practice dummy for Natasha. Sumiko walks Natasha through several KO moves, that actually KO Sumiko. After Natasha thinks she’s got a better handle on these moves, she offer herself to Sumiko as a practice dummy in order to pay her back for helping. Sumiko agrees and performs the same KOs on Natasha, as Natasha did on her. Satisfied that they’ve both refreshed their skills, Sumiko promptly faints on top of her sleeping partner, leaving a final jobber pile up on the mats.

This video stars Natasha and Sumiko, what more really needs to be said? There is no way you cannot love this video. Natasha was a fan favorite and still is, even after being gone for a good number of years now. Sumiko continues to be a fan favorite and there’s no way that’s going to change anytime soon. The reason both these girls are so loved is because they are both amazing performers. This vid gives you just a little bit of them both. They both willingly get KO’d and their selling is perfect. Just a little over the top, with plenty of eyerolling and a little bit of tongue protrusion. Any of you that still love Natasha, like me, than you need to grab this vid.

Overall Score: 9/10