Review of Training Day

Review of Cali’s CustomsTraining Day – 20 mins

Bat-Cali enters a room, in response to a call about a bomb. All she finds there is a grenade in the middle of the room. She laughs, wondering why she was called to hand this. She picks it up to check out, still being a little cautious, when suddenly a puff of smoke flies out of it, one inhale was all it took to knock her out. As soon as Bat-Cali is out, evildoer Diana Knight walks in with her villain in training, Jade Indica, explaining how easy it is to capture a superheroine. Diana continues to chat to Jade about what it takes to be a great villain until Bat-Cali starts to wake. Bat-Cali, confused from being knocked out, tries to help the two evil women, but Diana confesses to planting the bomb and calling her here, to help teach her new trainee a few things. It takes Bat-Cali a little while to catch on, but once she does, the beating begins as Diana starts off with a punch to the face and a backhanded slap. The two evil women gang up on Bat-Cali beating her down with kicks, punches and even a few low blows as Bat-Cali is powerless to fight back. The moment Bat-Cali seems to be getting her strength back, Diana brings in a set of nunchucks and a tazer to play with. They beat and shock Bat-Cali as the lesson continues, till Bat-Cali is weakened. Then a dog color comes into play. It is attached to Bat-Cali as she is forced to bark like a dog, while being dragged around on all fours. Every time she resisted, she’s tazed till she follows her orders and sometimes Bat-Cali was tazed just for the fun of it. After they’ve had their fun with that, Bat-Cali is gaged for being too mouthy. The humiliation is nowhere near its end for Bat-Cali as the evildoers take turns forcing her to orgasm, rubbing Bat-Cali through her suit. Next stop for Bat-Cali’s humiliation train is some foot worship, as she is forced to kiss and lick Jade’s shoes and feet. Bothered by Bat-Cali poor foot worshiping, Diana and Jade stand her up, beat her down with a few punches, then knock her out with a tight sleeper hold. Bat-Cali might be out, but the lesson in superheroine humiliation isn’t done yet. Bat-Cali is tied to the ceiling by her dog color leash, her mask, boots, and cap are removed. Then to top it all off, her suit is peeled back to expose her breasts. Finally, Jade’s lesson in humiliation is complete, but not before calling the local press to see at what they’ve left behind.

If superheroine humiliation is your thing, then you can stop reading here and grab this vid because this one is easily for you. Cali makes such an amazing helpless heroine, she uses the perfect amount of ignorance and overconfidence that makes it so much fun to watch as she is dominated and humiliated. Jade and Diana also look to have so much fun beating up Cali. They talk all sort of trash and Diana teaches Jade all kinds of dirty tricks for catching and humiliating a superheroine. There is a great mix of content provided here too. We get plenty of beatdowns, with all sorts of punches and use of a couple of different weapons, the give us a few KOs. There are tons and tons of humiliation, from bondage to foot worship, force orgasm and a bunch of things in between, all of it is delivered really well and they don’t stick to one thing for too long, making it great to watch. Overall, the main focus is humiliation, but with a couple of KOs, plenty of beatdowns, some bondage and a little nudity, there’s a little something for everyone in this one.

Overall Score: 9/10