Review of Tracy Wrestled & Dominated By Reggie

Review of Fetish AdventuresTracy Wrestled & Dominated By Reggie – 19 mins

5’11 Amazon Tracy has been training in wrestling and told Reggie she could kick some ass and so Reggie challenged her to a little warm up match. She hesitated, saying she wasn’t dress properly and didn’t have time, but Reggie wasn’t taking no for an answer. When she declined he simply grabbed her and pulled her on the mats. She was forced into the battle and found out real quick she was not as tough as he thought. She gets put into many holds including sleepers, single leg Boston Crab, bodyscissors and even a massive Bear Hug that had her completely KO’d. Lets not forget Reggie also gives her head drilling Piledrivers as usual to his female victims. We are sure Tracy won’t be telling Reggie how tough and skilled she is in wrestling any longer after this fatal encounter.

Best thing about this vid? Tracy. She is tall, lean and very sexy, the tight jean shorts and short button up top, look really good on her, showing off her long legs and nice midsection. She tries pretty hard to pass on the chance to fight Reggie, but he’s not having, dragging her in to his dungeon like wrestling area, against her will, very fitting. Reggie puts her thought her paces, with lots of submission holds and a few KOs along the way. Seeing Tracy’s long legs and lean body get bent and twisted is definitely what makes this vid. She sells pretty well too, with some nice expressions and plenty of cries from pain. Reggie again, is pretty good, lots of trash talking, most of it pretty funny. Overall, I don’t know Tracy, never seen her before, but thanks to Reggie, I now know what she looks like from every angle.

Overall Score: 8.5/10