Review of Tracy Destruction – Stella’s special kicks

Review of DefeatedTracy Destruction – Stella’s special kicks – 10.5 Mins

StellaTracy challenges Stella again, believing she is strong enough to win now. She was very wrong. Stella destroys her, using lots of kicks, foot choking of all kinds. Tracy after just a few kicks is too weak to try to defend herself. ┬áStella as uses back breakers and leg breakers to dominate Tracy. This video has many highlights: Stella’s super kick, a split foot choke and a split victory pose!

More great Defeated action here, this time with Stella showing of the heel side, again dominating Tracy. This time Tracy isn’t ragdolled, but kicked, stomped bent and choked into oblivion. We get to see some of Stella’s fantastic flexibility as she does some great high kicks and splits to beat down Tracy. Tracy looks great and does a great job selling too, clutching her stomach early, just being weak and helpless through most of the videos and did some nice eyerolling when she gets choked out in the end. Also, I got to add, Stella is in such awesome shape and looking so good, I still find myself looking at her a lot even while she’s winning. A nice one sided beatdown, with a big focus on kicks and leg attacks with a KO at the end. Another very enjoyable clip from Defeated.

Overall score: 9/10