Review of Tommie Wants to Wrestle

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTommie Wants to Wrestle – 11 Mins

Kat brings her friend to the FWR studio to practice their go go dancing routine, but when Tommie sees the ring she jumps in and starts bouncing around, asking Kat to wrestle with her! Kat would prefer to practice, but finally agrees, saying that she’ll beat Tommie then dance over her. The two cuties go to opposite corners and stretch a bit before locking up. The match has lots of head scissors, body scissors, school girl pins, and frustrated submissions. While the girls are obviously friends, they also have a competitive edge and aren’t afraid to put the hurt on each other! Finally, Tommie manages to get Kat in an inescapable scissor hold and forces the crying Kat to admit who’s the better wrestler. Tommie then does a little dance over her victim then finishes off with a sexy school girl pin.

These outstanding outfits were my main reason for grabbing this one, but watching Tommie hop about and dance around, like a lunatic, was quite hilarious. I also assumed that Kat would be able to take Tommie in wrestling, as Tommie is a new comer, but Tommie almost dominates Kat after the first round. There are no knock outs, but I watching these girls in those outfits, I don’t really care too much. I love Tommie already, I really hope she always gets to be this hyper and crazy, because it was just too much fun watching her. Even if she gets squashed, I still hope she gets to act like this. Also, these outfits, if I haven’t mentioned them yet, definitely need to be chosen much more often.

Overall Score: 8.5/10